Access this page on your PDA at

  1. Using your device, click on the link which corresponds with your device.
  2. On the Download screen, select "Set Application Permissions" and Download. All Permissions should be "Allow".
  3. Install PEPID for Blackberry

    Install PEPID for Blackberry Storm

  4. Go to Applications (or Downloads) on your BlackBerry and open PEPID.
  5. On the Pepid Document Manager screen, press the Menu button and select 'Download OTA'.
  6. Enter your Pepid account's Email address and Password. Press the menu button and select Ok.
  7. Highlight the product you wish to download, press the menu button and select Download.
  8. Once the download is complete, press the menu button and go to My PEPID.
  9. Highlight the PEPID Suite heading, press the menu button and select Get Link.

  10. Note: Building Index process can take 5-15+ minutes depending on your device. This process is only done once.
    Note: Please ensure all permissions for PEPID are set to "ALLOW". To edit Permissions after installation: Go to Options > Advanced Options > Applications, select PEPID, press the menu button and "Edit Permissions".

Contact us at should you encounter any issues during the installation process.

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