Become an AAEM/PEPID Author

As a PEPID/AAEM author, you will contribute to a comprehensive medical resource dedicated to the unique needs of emergency physicians. AAEM editors and authors review the medical content of PEPID ED to make sure users are provided with the most relevant and up-to-date information.

As an AAEM/PEPID author, you will not only help promote best practice by helping your colleagues get the quality decision support they need, you will also increase your visibility within the field of emergency medicine.

You will be an electronically published author and receive attribution in PEPID ED/AAEM, gain peer and colleague recognition and enhance your CV. To get started, new authors must first submit their CV and the topic of their choice to Your CV and request will be reviewed by a senior member of the AAEM editorial team and you will be contacted promptly.

For consideration, please email your CV to if you are interested in becoming an author or reviewer.

Author Requirements

To qualify for credit as a primary contributing author, you must be a physician who is board certified or board eligible in the specialty/subspecialty of the article selected. Students and residents may only co-author with a board certified physician. All exceptions and co-authorship credits must be approved prior to article submission by the AAEM/PEPID Editor-in-Chief and the section editor for that topic.