AHFS Drug Information

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AHFS Drug Information
AHFS Drug Information has been designated as an official compendium by the US Congress, containing information from medical literature and expert advice from over 500 medical scientists, physicians, pharmacists, pharmacologists, and other professionally qualified individuals that goes beyond FDA-approved labeling.
Drug Interactions Checker
The powerful Drug Interactions Checker allows you to check for potential interactions between drug-drug, drug-herbal and drug-nutrient combinations. Our Drug Interactions Checker provides severity ratings and an explanation of mechanisms for each potential interaction.
Drug-Allergy Checker
PEPID's drug-allergy checker allows healthcare professionals to cross reference a patient's food or drug allergies with their current list of medications and foods, and receive an alert if an allergy or sensitivity exists. PEPID's drug-allergy checker identifies potential reactions based on the chemical make-up of a drug or nutrient, which detects sensitivities that may otherwise not be identified.
IV Compatibility
Quickly compare compatibility of meds in Y-site, syringe and additives with our IV Compatibility Tool. The IV Compatibility Tool allows you to check drug-solution and drug-drug-solution combinations prior to mixing in clinical situations.
Medical Calculators
More than 400 medical calculators, equations and scores including; Body Surface Area, Glasgow Coma Scale, Total Calcium, NIH Stroke Scale, Port Analysis and much more.
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Why Healthcare Professionals Choose AHFS Drug Information by PEPID

AHFS Drug Information® provides the critical information that's needed for pharmacists at the point of care. All healthcare professionals benefit from this independent drug information and extensive off-label uses, available electronically from PEPID.

AHFS has partnered with PEPID to integrate its trusted drug content into PEPID's leading drug tools, including the most powerful drug interactions checker, drug-allergy checker, lab reference, toxicology reference and more.

AHFS Drug Information® by PEPID is available on iPad, iPhone, and Online; making everything pharmacists need available to support efficient, high-quality care.