ePrescribe Integration


AHFSIntegrate the electronic version of the bestselling AHFS Essentials from ASHP into your EMR system as the basis of your drug information via the PEPID Knowledge Base.

Widely viewed as the premier provider of drug information, the American Hospital Formulary Service (AHFS) is known for its independent drug information and extensive off-label uses. PEPID allows you to integrate this information into your system, embedded directly into practitioner workflow.

EMR or pharmacy systems can seamlessly integrate the premier drug information from the AHFS into their system, embedded directly into practitioner workflow.

PEPID Pharmacist Products:

 Portable Drug Companion (PDC)
PDC Icon

PEPID PDC contains a complete drug database, including OTCs, generics and herbals, dosing and drip calculators, and a drug interactions generator.
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 Pharmacist Pro with AHFS
AHFS DI Essentials

PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS is the only decision support tool designed specifically for pharmacists. Containing thousands of clinical situations and diseases, Pharmacist Pro is integrated with the entire AHFS DI Essentials® database.
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 AHFS Essentials®
AHFS DI Essentials

AHFS Essentials® by ASHP provides the critical information that's needed for pharmacists, physicians and nurses at the point of care, distilled from the extensive, bestselling AHFS Drug Information® publication.
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 AHFS Drug Information®
AHFS DI Essentials

The most comprehensive source of unbiased drug information, the complete, unabridged AHFS Drug Information® is available electronically from PEPID.
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