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PEPID’s fully integrated medical and drug content and tools take advantage of the user-friendly interface and capabilities of the Google Android to create a powerful reference tool to improve care and increase efficiency, right at the bedside. Select a product below for more information on our Android Medical Apps. Our medical apps are specialized for many mobile platforms including Android tablets.

Learn about more of PEPID's medical software suites for Google Android:

Emergency Medicine
Content is written for ED physicians and is easy-to-find without plowing through extra material you don't need.

Primary Care Plus Ambulatory Care
PEPID Primary Care Plus is the most comprehensive, integrated reference tool covering all specialties.

Clinical Rotation Companion
PEPID CRC is designed for medical students and includes step-by-step processes for history and exams, dosing calculators and an interactions generator.

Professional Nursing Suite
PEPID RN Pro gives nurses the information they need at the bedside - improving quality, safety and efficiency of care.

Critical Care Nursing Suite
With assessments, nursing considerations and drugs and drips, PEPID RNCC truly supports decisions when treating the critically ill.

Oncology Nursing Suite
Developed with the Oncology Nursing Society, PEPID ONS contains drugs and drips, drug interactions, PEP cards, nursing considerations and more.

Gerontological Nursing Suite
PEPID RN Gero gives you access to drug and dosing information, drug interactions, disease profiles and gerontological assessments.

RN Student Clinical Companion
Designed for nurses-in-training, RNS is a resource for classroom, lab and clinical settings and includes everything from assessment to disposition.

Pharmacist Pro with AHFS
PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS is the only decision support tool designed specifically for pharmacists. Containing thousands of clinical situations and diseases, Pharmacist Pro is integrated with the entire AHFS DI Essentials® database.

AHFS Essentials by PEPID
AHFS Essentials® provides the critical information that's needed for pharmacists, physicians and nurses at the point of care, distilled from the extensive, best-selling AHFS Drug Information® publication.

Portable Drug Companion
PEPID PDC contains a complete drug database including OTCs, generics and herbals, dosing and drip calculators, drug interactions generator and a pill identifier with photos.

Developed with the National Association of EMS Educators, PEPID EMS contains everything you need to make decisions at the emergent scene or en route.

McGraw Hill
McGraw Hill's nursing books made available for iPhone. Titles including: Wound Care, Trauma Care, Dementia Care, Evidence Based Practice, Palliative Care and Laboratory & Diagnostic Tests.

Study Tools
Study for your NCLEX-RN, NCLEX-PN, Drug Review and ECG examwith PEPID's electronic resources.

PEPID HazMat Flashcards
PEPID HazMat Flashcards give you a fast way to learn or review USDOT hazardous materials placards to help you quickly identify what you are dealing with for faster, more effective and safer responses.

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