PEPID Emergency Medicine

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Specialized Clinical Content
Emergency-focused content to support you in the "heat of battle" environment of emergency medicine. Thousands of medical topics containing pathophysiology, diagnosis, differential diagnosis, treatment and disposition
Drug Database
Instantly access drug information on 13,000 drug names, including U.S. and Canadian trade names, generics, OTCs, herbals and supplements.
Pill Identification
Easily identify patient medications with just a few details. The pill identifier tool lets you search for pill information by score, shape and color - even with only a partial imprint.
Differential Diagnosis Generator
Allows you to generate a weighted list of potential diagnosis by inputting a patient's gender, age symptoms and symptom severity. The results are organized by likelihood of occurrence based on the selected factors.
Drug Interactions Checker
The powerful Drug Interactions Checker allows you to check for potential interactions between drug-drug, drug-herbal and drug-nutrient combinations. Our Drug Interactions Checker provides severity ratings and an explanation of mechanisms for each potential interaction.
Drug Allergy Checker
Allows emergency medicine personnel to cross reference a patient's food or drug allergies with their current list of medications and foods, and receive an alert if an allergy or sensitivity exists.
IV Compatibility
Quickly compare compatibility of meds in Y-site, syringe and additives with our IV Compatibility Tool. The IV Compatibility Tool allows you to check drug-solution and drug-drug-solution combinations prior to mixing in clinical situations.
Laboratory Manual
PEPID's lab tests provide access to: Critical Values, Description, Normal Ranges, Interpretation High, Interpretation Low, Links to Related Tests, Links to Equations, Physiology and Tech Info
Our 750+ illustrations enhance content and are a great tool for patient education or reference.
Dosing Calculators
More than 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators are linked directly to drug information - pre-populated, integrated and drug specific to promote medication safety.
Medical Calculators
More than 400 medical calculators, equations and scores including; Body Surface Area, Glasgow, Coma Scale, Total Calcium, NIH Stroke Scale, Port Analysis and much more.
Evidence-Based Medicine
Employ best-practice methods by referencing evidenced-based content inquiries from the Family Physicians Inquiries Network. Our evidence-based inquiries are embedded into clinical and drug content and address the most important patient care questions asked by practicing physicians, how to appraise them and how to apply them.
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Why Emergency Personnel
Choose PEPID

As emergency personnel, you are tasked with making life threatening critical decisions in an instant. With time being of the essence there isn't a moment to spare, so pulling out that reference book and flipping through pages simply isn't an option. Luckily there are other options outside of the traditional reference book. The founder and CEO of PEPID, a board-certified emergency physician, wrote the first version of PEPID Emergency Medicine (EM) more than 15 years ago in a personal quest to improve emergent care.

PEPID EM provides emergency personnel an electronic medical information resource that includes a differential diagnosis generator, enabling a quick diagnosis by entering patient symptoms, while simultaneously checking for drug interactions and dosing information. PEPID EM designed specifically for emergency personnel, is made easily accessible, at your fingertips in the "heat of battle" environment of emergency medicine. PEPID EM is the only point-of-care tool that truly supports emergency personnel in making decisions and can improve patient safety and speed of care.

PEPID EM is available on iPad, iPhone, Blackberry, Android and Online; making everything emergency personnel need available to support efficient, high-quality care without leaving the patient's side.

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