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Case Study: PEPID improves patient care, increases efficiency and standardizes care across all hospitals in Quebec.

PEPID's medical software and mobile apps have more than 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators, PEPID dose calculators are drug specific to promote medication safety. Our drug dose information also contains alerts and warnings if a dosage falls outside the minimum of maximum range for any particular medication, at a particular weight, age or body surface area. Medical Calculators and Scores

Covering virtually every medical calculator and score, PEPID contains hundreds of interaction medical calculators including pediatric weight based calculators. Calculators include:

  • ANC
  • Apache Score
  • APGAR Score
  • Basal Metabolic Rate
  • Body Surface Area
  • Burns, Estimated Area (Peds and Adults)
  • Geriatric Depression Score
  • Glasgow Coma Scale
  • NIH Stroke Scale
  • Port Analysis
  • QT Interval
  • Total Calcium
  • Much More!

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