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03/31/2015Allegheny Software Integrates PEPID Drug Interactions
03/31/2015PEPID Releases New Application for iPhone
03/26/2015PEPID Offers Point-of-Care Continuing Medical Education
03/24/2015PEPID Achieves Meaningful Use Stage 2 Certification
03/23/2015PEPID Launches Innovative Solution to Connect Healthcare Professionals
02/24/2015PEPID, T-System Renew Five-Year Partnership
02/17/2015PEPID Emergency Connect Strives to Empower Global Emergency Departments
02/10/2015PEPID Launches Nursing Care Plan Tool for Nursing Education
05/09/2013Nightingale Partners with PEPID and CPhA
04/15/2013Canadian Pharmacist Association Partners with PEPID Canada
03/20/2013Wave Medical Becomes PEPID International
03/12/2013HIMSS 2013 iHIT Study
03/04/2013Ease of Access to Medication, Treatment and Diagnosis Unveiled by PEPID at HIMSS13
03/01/2013PEPID Delivers Infobutton Solution
01/28/2013PEPID Bridges Disease and Treatment Data, Responds to Industry Demands
06/19/2012PEPID Adds Canadian Drug Product Database, Identification Numbers
03/27/2012PEPID Enhances Drug Data with Pediatric, Adult Dose Ranges
03/22/2012PEPID Honored with Shining Star Award for Excellence
03/22/2012PEPID Honored with the 2011 Best of Evanston Award
03/08/2012PEPID Introduces Electronic NANDA Diagnosis to Nursing Schools, Students
02/09/2012Quebec Association of Emergency Physicians Provides PEPID to All Members
11/02/2011PEPID Names Two New Executives
09/27/2011PEPID Delivers U.S. National Drug Code Database
08/04/2011T-System's EM EHR Integrates PEPID's Content to Enhance Safety for Children, Adults
05/10/2011PEPID Launches Duplicate Therapy Checker
02/21/2011PEPID Introduces Electronic AHFS Drug Information to Pharmacies Nationwide
02/17/2011PEPID Introduces the Highest-quality Pill Pictures
02/09/2011PEPID Launches Its Application for the Apple iPad
01/18/2011PEPID Announces Renewal of Provincial Contract in Quebec
01/04/2011PEPID Will Continue to Support Palm Devices
11/30/2010PEPID Releases Patient Education Handouts to Improve Patient Communication
11/16/2010PEPID Now Supports ICD-10 Coding
11/11/2010PEPID Releases Electronic Drug-Allergy Checker to Improve Patient Safety
11/09/2010PEPID Corporate Offices Expand to Phoenix
10/25/2010PEPID Launches Its Beta Application for the Apple iPad
06/01/2010PEPID Partners with Emergency Medicine Residents´ Association
05/17/2010PEPID Launches Its Application for the Google Android Smartphone
04/20/2010PEPID CEO Attends the United Nations´ World Autism Awareness Day
03/16/2010PEPID Partners with Top Publisher McGraw-Hill
02/26/2010PEPID Releases Beta Application for the Google Android Smartphone
02/24/2010PEPID Simplifies Integration for Physician Portals
04/16/2009The Days of Waiting for a Diagnosis are Over
03/31/2009iPhone Technology Steps up a Notch with PEPID
01/09/2009PEPID, MEDHOST Form Alliance to Enhance Patient Safety
12/19/2008PEPID Delivering Best Evidence Electronically to Emergency Physicians
12/15/2008iPhone 3G Powers Installed PEPID App
11/14/2008PEPID, Intermedical Technologies Join Forces to Improve Healthcare Around the Globe
09/18/2008PEPID EMS Plus NAEMSE Incorporated into Classrooms at Howard
09/15/2008PEPID iPhone is Here
09/10/2008PEPID Implemented in Every Emergency Hospital in Romania
06/15/2008PEPID is the Software of Choice for Nursing Informatics Program
03/31/2008The Oncology Nursing Society Puts the PEP in PEPID
03/03/2008Wellsoft´s EDIS Integrated Web Link Now Supports PEPID Subscribers
02/21/2008PEPID Web Services Improves Integration; Coding Issues a Thing of the Past
02/18/2008Dynamic Duo Speak on Need for U.S., Wolrdwide Integration of Decision Support
02/14/2008PEPID Knowledge Base Now Available through Web Services
02/11/2008The Most Powerful Drug Interactions Generator Just Got Quicker
02/04/2008SNOMED Integrated into the PEPID Knowledge Base
10/22/2007Touch Medix EDIS Integrates PEPID Knowledge Base
10/18/2007PEPID Launches New Software to Help Nurses Treat Older Adults
09/20/2007PEPID Integrates Stedmans Medical Terminology
09/15/2007PEPID Releases Global Emergency Medical, Drug Resources
05/09/2007PEPID Integrating NANDA-I Content into Nursing Student Software
05/04/2007PEPID for BlackBerry User 2007 Wireless Leadership Award Winner
04/24/2007PEPID Launches Over-the-Air Downloads for BlackBerry Handhelds
04/13/2007PEPID Delivers CME to the Point of Care for Improved Patient Care
02/01/2007PEPID President Announces Partnership with AAEM
01/29/2007PEPID Becomes a Corporate Member of HIMSS
01/22/2007PEPID Offers BlackBerry Pearl Device SD Card Capability for BlackBerry Healthcare Users
01/22/2007PEPID Offers New Over-the-Air Installation for Palm Users in Healthcare
2006 and older
05/04/2006Diane Muench Promoted to PEPID Editorial Leader
02/12/2006PEPID First to Launch Mobile Wireless Medical Decision-Support
02/10/2006Welcome to Real-world Nursing R
01/31/2006New Clinical Tools Aim to Improve Healthcare in Great Britain
01/11/2006PEPID Brings Big Technology Features to the Small Screen
11/22/2005MedExcel IT Committee Says PEPID Best for Emergency Physicians
11/03/2005PEPID Releases Expanded Oncology Nursing Software
09/19/2005PEPID Drug Database Rated Number One for Practitioners
09/09/2005More Nursing Schools Fast-Tracking PEPID on PDAs
08/23/2006PEPID Used for Duke University Nursing Education Project
08/08/2005PEPID Medical Software: Key to Better, Faster Patient Care
06/20/2005Quebec Province Deploys PEPID Online in All Emergency Rooms
05/18/2005PEPID Adds Evidence-based Medicine to Its Point-of-Care Software
04/29/2005PEPID Gives Critical Care Nurses Vital Support
04/28/2005PEPID Releases Version 6.1
01/20/2005PEPID's Frontline Reinforced by 6.0 Enhancements
01/15/2005John Wagner Now President of PEPID, LLC
01/15/2005Taking the Labyrinth Out of the Lab
01/14/2005Nursing Schools on the Fast Track to Adoption of Mobile Computers, PDAs
08/10/2004Is Your Doctor on Orange Alert? Terror Warnings, Preps Now Part of Medical Practice
08/03/2004In the Palms of MDs Stretched to the Limits, PEPID's Information Reduces Medical Errors
06/01/2004Harvard Health Policy Review Publishes Article by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom
05/01/2004PEPID Releases PEPID RN+ONS at the Oncology Nursing Society Conference in Anaheim
04/15/2004PEPID Announces the Release of PEPID Online
03/04/2004PEPID ED Editor-in-Chief Presents PEPID as "Real-world Solution to Common ED Problems"
02/21/2004Dr. Mark Rosenbloom Discusses Improving Care with Point-of-Care Technology
02/16/2004PEPID Appoints John Wagner to Executive Vice President
01/19/2004PEPID Combines PEPID MD & MD/FP to Introduce Primary Care Plus Ambulatory
01/05/2004PEPID Sets Sail on the World's Largest Cruise Liner
09/02/2003FPIN Partners with PEPID to Develop Best PDA Information Resource for Family Physicians
07/02/2003PEPID Releases Canada-specific Medical Software
06/09/2003PDAs Can Reduce Medical Errors in Children's Care
01/13/2003Harvard Medical School, CareGroup Adopt PEPID Handheld Software for Students, Staff, Faculty
10/01/2002PEPID, American Health-System Pharmacists Partner to Minimize Drug Errors, Save Lives
06/28/2002PEPID ED Supports Ship Doctors on Holland America Line, Windstar Cruises
03/15/2002Ohio State University PDA Healthcare Conference: Dr. Rosenbloom Keynote Speaker
03/14/2002AMSA Invites Dr. Rosenbloom to Speak on PDAs for Medical Students
01/31/2002PEPID Introduces Medical Student Companion
09/17/2001Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation: Kathy Robinson, RN, Reviews PEPID
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