Patient Education Handouts


PEPID's Patient Education Handouts by ASHP provide the information your patients need regarding their prescription medications. This module includes 1,100 drug information handouts, written in easy-to-understand language specifically for patients, that are printable and integrated into drug monographs. Handouts are also available in Spanish with translations made by experienced human (not computer) health and medical translators. The handouts are updated monthly to keep both you and your patients up-to-date with the latest information.

Patient education handouts are available online as an add-on to your individual or institutional PEPID suite.

PEPID's patient education handouts answer an array of patient questions, including the following:

  • "Why this medication was prescribed?"
  • "How should this medicine be used?"
  • "Other uses for this medicine?"
  • "What special precautions should I follow?"
  • "What special dietary instructions should I follow?"
  • "What should I do if I forget a dose?"
  • "What side effects can this medication cause?"
  • "What storage conditions are needed for this medicine?"
  • "What other information should I know?"

Patient Education Handouts

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