ePrescribe Integration


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Current incentives and future penalties for using ePrescribe are leading the push to switch from paper to electronic scripts. PEPID provides ePrescribe software developers with the information needed to help minimize preventable medication errors, including providing instant drug interactions checks against a patient’s current medications, warnings for improper dosage and medication allergies.

The leading provider of mobile information for healthcare professionals, PEPID drug information is also instantly compatible with all mobile platforms – enabling providers to ePrescribe from their mobile or smartphone device.

Integrate any, or all, of the information from PEPID's leading drug database into your ePrescribe system:

  • Trade names, generics, herbals, OTCs and supplements
  • Drug interactions checker
  • Drug-allergy checker
  • Patient education handouts
  • Adult dosing
  • Pediatric dosing
  • Nomenclature mapping (NDC, SNOMED, NDDB, etc)
  • Warnings and alerts
  • Contraindications
  • Indications
  • Mechanism of action
  • Adverse drug reactions
  • Kinetics/Dynamics
  • Pregnancy/Lactation
  • Overdose Mgmt
  • Interactions
  • Trade and cost information
  • Evidence-based practice recommendations

System Integration

Our API allows ePrescribe systems to instantly check for adverse drug interactions, proper dosages based on weight or even find a less expensive medication – minimizing preventable medication errors, increasing efficiency and saving patients time and money. [more]