Hospital Information System Integration


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Easily integrate a comprehensive clinical and drug reference into your HIS

Develop a more effective hospital information system (HIS) by adding clinical decision support information – creating a one-stop hub for everything clinicians need.

PEPID's leading drug information can be integrated into your HIS to improve medication safety through every step of the process – CPOE, pharmacy management and administration. Plus, our drug information can help you meet the requirements for meaningful use.

PEPID also offers a complete disease reference that's designed specifically for each department, and each member of the care team. Your clinicians need to look no further than your HIS for complete information on diseases, diagnosis, assessments and treatments. This information can be embedded into your system any way you like, providing relevant information when and where it’s needed.

Learn more about the content available through the PEPID Knowledge Base.

System Integration

Embed PEPID's extensive clinical decision support information and tools into your HIS with an API that seamlessly integrates into your system and user interface. Use our technology to create alerts based on drug interactions, dosing, embed information on diagnostic tests, disease profiles or pre-populate relevant medical calculators based on patient information. [more]