Long Term Care


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PEPID can help your facility meet JCAHO standards for long term care, make sure your facility runs smoothly and elevate the level of care you provide. PEPID Gerontological Nursing Suite is a tool that equips your nurses with the information they need to make better decisions regarding the maturing population. PEPID supplies gerontological nurses with an abundance of information on assessments, health maintenance and prevention, Fulmer SPICES, geriatric pharmacology, Beers criteria and weight-based dosing.

Research has shown that bringing a reliable reference to the point of care helps provide better and more efficient care for patients. Implementing decision support on workstations is a fast, easy and affordable way to satisfy many JCAHO compliancy standards, since there is no installation required for desktop or laptop access.

Delivering PEPID to Long Term Care Facilities

Every staff member in your facility can have unlimited access to PEPID Online from any PC, Mac or laptop computer. Our content and tools are automatically updated regularly, so you can rest assure the information clinicians are accessing is always current. [Learn More]

Integration Mobile
Make the information your healthcare professionals rely on as mobile as they are with PEPID mobile solutions. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID can be used on any PDA or smartphone device, making clinical decision support available wherever, or whenever it's needed. [Learn More]

Integration System Integration
Enhance your current EMR, information system or web portal with clinical and drug information to improve the quality and flow of information available to clinicians. PEPID gives developers the functionality to use our information in a way that best suits the needs of clinicians – without long development cycles or complex system implementation. [Learn More]