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Pharmacists need to look no further than PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS to find the answers to all their drug questions. PEPID's leading drug database contains the entire AHFS "Big Red Book," as well as more than 13,000 U.S. and Canadian drugs, over-the-counters, herbals and food products, all fully integrated into clinical conditions, labs tests, dosing calculators, and drug interactions and drug allergy checkers to improve workflow efficiency and medication safety.

Plus, PEPID's drug information is continuously updated, so you can be sure the information your pharmacists are accessing is the most current. Educators, find more information for pharmacy schools.


PEPID for Pharmacies


System Integration
Improve your current information system or web portal with authoritative drug information to improve the quality and flow of information available to pharmacists. Compatibility is never an issue, because PEPID cross-maps to all drug nomenclatures, including FDA, NDC, SNOMED and more. PEPID gives developers the functionality to use our information in a way that best suits the needs of clinicians without long development cycles or complex system implementation. [Learn More]


Online/PEPID Connect (Internet-based)
Every pharmacist on your staff can have unlimited access to PEPID Connect from any PC, Mac or laptop computer. Our content and tools are automatically updated regularly, so you'll know the information clinicians are accessing is always current. [Learn More]


Make the drug information your pharmacists need available in the palm of their hand. A leader in mobile technology, PEPID can be used on any mobile or tablet device, making clinical decision support available when and where it's needed. [Learn More]


Institutional Products for Pharmacies

Portable Drug Companion Icon Portable Drug Companion
PEPID Portable Drug Companion contains a complete drug database including OTCs, generics and herbals, dosing and drip calculators and drug interactions generator.
Free Trial • iPhone • iPad • Android • BlackBerry • Online/PEPID Connect
AHPP Icon Pharmacist Pro
PEPID Pharmacist Pro with AHFS is the only decision support tool designed specifically for pharmacists. Containing thousands of clinical situations and diseases, Pharmacist Pro is integrated with the entire AHFS DI Essentials® database.
Free Trial • iPhone • iPad • Android • Online/PEPID Connect
AHFS Icon AHFS Essentials by PEPID
AHFS Essentials® provides the critical information that's needed for pharmacists, physicians and nurses at the point of care, distilled from the extensive, best-selling AHFS Drug Information® publication.
Free Trial • iPhone • iPad • Android • Online/PEPID Connect
AHFS Icon AHFS Drug Information by PEPID
The most comprehensive source of unbiased drug information, the complete, unabridged AHFS Drug Information® is available electronically from PEPID.
Free Trial • iPhone • iPad • Online/PEPID Connect

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