Case Studies

Learn how PEPID has been used to improve care, enhance outcomes, reduce errors and increase workflow in clinical settings.

Saving Time, Improving Care Through Successful System-wide Implementation

The province of Quebec implemented PEPID Emergency Physician Suite in all 107 emergency rooms. As a result, workflow in the ED is improved, the number of medical and drug errors is reduced, and fewer adverse effects have occurred as a result of better-informed patient care.

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PEPID a Lifeline for Lifesaving Donor Organization

Transplant coordinators and transplant team members at the California Donor Network save time that is critical to making donor organs and tissues viable for transplant with help from PEPID RN Critical Care Nursing Suite.

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Lehigh Valley Network Case Study

Lehigh Valley Health Network had been a long-time user of EV™ in the emergency department and PEPID clinical decision support across their hospital. As a teaching facility that treats over 160,000 patients each year, having fast, easy access to emergency treatment protocols, dosing calculators and evidence-based guidelines was extremely important.

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