John C. Wagner, President

PEPID is flying high on American Airlines thanks to an interview by Sky Radios Dennis Michael with PEPID President John C. Wagner. The Sky Radio Network provides business, technology, health and entertainment programming to some of the largest airlines in the world, including United, American, Delta, Northwest, US Airways and America West.

Just the Right Information

In his introduction, interviewer Dennis Michael points out that Information is vital to every industry today, but nowhere is it more vital than in the field of healthcarebecause the decisions that are made in that area are critically dependent on just the right information.

Mr. Wagner then addresses issues that are vitally important to the healthcare industry and improved patient care including: how information technology helps providers stay current, the ever changing technology landscape, and the globalization of patient care services.

Sky Radio produces the #1 talk shows in the air and on the web. Their programs air continuously 24-hours a day, 7 days a week, reaching a potential universe of over 182,400,000 passengers per year, on 900,000+ annual flights. But, you dont have to be in the air to hear John Wagners interview. Download an MP3 or hear it now.




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