PEPID Internship Opportunities


PEPID is proud to partner with universities to offer students educational internship programs. In addition, self-paced internships are offered.

As a leading developer of trusted clinical decision support for more than 20 years, PEPID firmly believes electronic medical information resources and drug data reduce adverse events and improve patient care.

Healthcare Informatics

Available for nursing students and medical students, PEPID's healthcare informatics internships introduce students to the science of information management technology for today's complex health systems. As part of the program, students will develop a thorough understanding of how medical information is created for various operating systems, interpreted and analyzed, and applied in healthcare with the help of modern technology.

Interested in a healthcare informatics internship with PEPID? Contact us to learn more.



PEPID's PharmD internship educates students on the impact that electronic drug information can have in a pharmacy practice in making accurate decisions in terms of drug-use and monitoring a patient's drug therapy. As part of the internship, students will be introduced to pharmacy careers outside the pharmacy practice such as electronic drug information publishing. Students will participate in quality assurance activities and will be engaged in editing, updating and adding content to PEPID's drug database.

Interested in a PharmD internship with PEPID? Contact us to learn more.

Overview of Summer Internships

  • 4-week, online internships
  • Self-paced curriculum
  • 10-15 hours per week
  • Attend weekly webinar meetings