For more than 20 years, PEPID has provided exclusive web-based point-of-care solutions that enable healthcare professionals to efficiently pinpoint diagnoses, treat diseases and medical conditions, detect harmful drug interactions and allergy sensitivities, accurately dose patients, and provide quality patient education. PEPID's products are integrated within the systems of clinics, hospitals, universities and schools around the world.

PEPID streamlines concise medical information through a built-in workflow developed by years of engagement with doctors, nurses and pharmacists. This unmatched level of organization gives healthcare professionals faster access to critical data, improved clinical performance and greater mobility. Schools use PEPID for better learning in classroom, clinical and study settings. For institutions, PEPID means superior risk management, higher productivity, and greater staff and patient satisfaction. Patients benefit from better service, education and care.

PEPID partners with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, the American Society of Health System Pharmacists, the Family Physicians Inquiries Network, Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine, the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Educators, and the Oncology Nursing Society to ensure clients receive the highest-quality content and commendable peer review.

PEPID's History

PEPID was founded by board-certified physician Mark Rosenbloom, MBA, MD, FACEP, a fellow in both the American Academy of Emergency Medicine and the Royal Society of Medicine. As a training physician, Dr. Rosenbloom's lab coat pockets overflowed with his handwritten, detailed medical and drug reference notes, information he realized was invaluable in making diagnostic and therapeutic decisions. When the first personal digital assistants, or PDAs, were released, Dr. Rosenbloom copied all of his notes into his handheld computer's phone book.

Colleagues encouraged Dr. Rosenbloom to expand his electronic notes into a portable, comprehensive medical and drug resource for more widespread use. As a result, in 1994, Dr. Rosenbloom developed the first version of PEPID with an advisory board of more than 35 board-certified physicians and pharmacologists.

Today, PEPID is recognized as the leading developer of medical and pharmaceutical information and decision-support tools. Only PEPID gives the healthcare industry so much information so fast.

Mission Statement

PEPID seeks to provide all healthcare professionals with instantly accessible, current, comprehensive and authoritative clinical point-of-care reference materials to help them provide faster, more individualized, and more effective health care. Our goal is more satisfied practitioners and better patient outcomes.

Contact & Legal Information

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