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New PEPID Online — Almost Here

In less than a week, the new PEPID Online will launch! Packed with new features, the improved PEPID Online gives you the same content you're used to, but with an updated, streamlined interface designed to help you get to what you need faster.

What's new in this version:

  • Ability to mark "Favorites" and save notes
  • Streamlined drug interactions functionality
  • Easier-to-understand, integrated tools, such as related medical calculators, dosing calculators and images
  • History tracking to easily allow you to jump to a previously viewed page

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PEPID Pediatric EM — Launching Soon

PEPID knows one size doesn't fit all — especially when it comes to patient care. That's why we're pleased to announce the upcoming release of PEPID Pediatric Emergency Medicine (PEM), a resource specifically developed for the care of even the smallest patients.

PEM gives healthcare providers instant access to a full range of pediatric emergency and trauma topics, dosing calculators, drug interaction checkers and more. PEPID PEM also contains evaluation and physical exam information, developmental guidelines and pediatric disorders.

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Patient Education from PEPID

Nearly 90% of American adults struggle to understand today’s health information. The impact of poor health literacy on care costs and overall well-being is real and significant. Those who don't have access to clear, concise information experience the following:

  • They are more likely to skip necessary medical tests.
  • They end up in the emergency room more often.
  • They have a harder time managing chronic diseases, such as diabetes and high blood pressure.

Like you, PEPID believes every patient has the right to health education they can understand and use to make better decisions. That’s why our content is designed to meet the needs of all patients, no matter their age, gender or condition, and all in multiple languages.

PEPID Patient Education is available for clinical and drug content and can be added to your existing PEPID Online subscription for an additional $75 per year per individual (medication only), integrated into your EMR system, or accessed via the PEPID Infobutton.

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PEPID Nursing Care Plans — Available Now

Built for nurses by nurses, PEPID's new Nursing Care Plan tool allows you to add customized care plans or edit one of the 200+ care plans available in the care plan library. Nursing diagnoses are integrated with the nursing-specific content from PEPID RN Student so nursing students can look up critical information on diseases, dosing calculators, lab values, nursing diagnoses, nursing considerations, patient education and more.

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Blog: The Latest MERS-CoV Update

Middle East Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus, or MERS-CoV (formerly known as Novel Coronavirus, or nCoV), has become more prominent in medical news in recent months due to confirmation of the first U.S. case of MERS-CoV in a traveler from Saudi Arabia to Indiana and a second case confirmed on May 11, 2014. The two cases are not linked, and both patients are doing well, but the question remains — what should U.S. and global healthcare networks do to minimize the risk of spreading MERS-CoV?

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To download the latest MERS-CoV update for PEPID's Emergency Medicine and Primary Care Plus Ambulatory Care products, please click here.


ER Humor STAT!

PEPID is pleased to bring you another comic strip by STAT Comics' creators, Francois Paquet, M.D., and Yves Lessard.

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Clinical Question of the Month

clinical questionQuestion: A 29-year-old male carpenter comes to the ED after having suffered a laceration to his arm on the job. After physical examination and appropriate imaging studies, a 3 cm laceration to the biceps brachii tendon medially can be seen.

Which structure poses risk of being injured by a medial extension of the laceration?

  1. Musculocutaneous nerve
  2. Ulnar nerve
  3. Brachial artery
  4. Radial nerve
  5. Profunda brachii artery

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