News December 2008

Unconventional Wisdom

Diane Muench, RN, BSN, OCN, MBA, told attendees of the Summer Institute in Nursing Informatics 2008 (SINI) that informatics and evidence-based medicine are challenging conventional wisdom about the role of research, information, and knowledge in nursing practice. Ms. Muench, Vice President of Editorial Services at PEPID, presented “The Role of Point-of-Care Informatics in Evidence-Based Practice” during the conference held at The University of Maryland School of Nursing in Baltimore in July. She focused on how information technology is improving patient care and outcomes in nursing practice.


The same decision-support program they use to confirm a dose becomes their connection to evidence-based reviewers. Nurses can now contribute their clinical experience to the EB process on an ongoing basis, without leaving a patient’s side. “The key is to choose an evidence-based resource that is current, concise and offers interventions—so you can translate the information directly into your daily routine," said Muench.


"The process of information review and assimilation is now constant,” adds Muench. “It becomes a case of knowledge transforming practice, transforming knowledge, transforming practice. As a result, best practices continually get better and more relevant to the workplace, and outcomes will improve. The science of Information has truly arrived at the point-of-care.”

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