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Winter is here!

As we are entering the winter season that means tradeshow season is officially here at PEPID! We recently traveled to shows in Turkey, Toronto, South Korea, Denver and Las Vegas. As 2012 comes to a close, we finish our travels in Washington, DC. We hope that you can catch us next year at an upcoming show or join us for a webinar! Stay tuned for exciting new developments from within PEPID!

PEPID Releases 13.1 Update

PEPID is excited to announce version 13.1 is currently available on all devices along with PEPID Online. Update your subscription to access new and updated medical content, drug content and the new pill identification tool. PEPID Online and Mobile users are always up-to-date!

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Drug-Disease Module Released

PEPID announces the release of its drug-disease indications and contraindications module. This feature allows healthcare professionals to search for appropriate medications based on a patient’s diagnosis, and gives alerts if it’s a hazardous treatment based on any of the patient’s conditions, procedures or diagnostics tests. This information can be integrated into any EMR or HIT system, and can help prevent potentially harmful treatment options, and provide safer alternatives.

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Drug Lab Monitoring 

PEPID recently added drug lab monitoring. The new clinical decision support monitors the effects of drugs on lab results over a period of time, and also helps to detect potential interferences on lab results. Drug lab monitoring is available in all of the PEPID suites and available for integration into any EMR or HIT system to create customized drug-lab alerts.

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PEPID Releases the Wound Chart

The wound chart tool is the newest feature added to the growing number of resources available through PEPID. The PEPID wound chart was released with the 13.1 enhancements and is currently available in nursing suites. The wound chart allows the user to find an appropriate product for each type of wound and rank the pros and cons of use. This tool is available online, iPhone, Android, iPad and Android Tablet.

International Trade Names Available to System Providers

System providers can now display relevant, country-specific drug names within different markets around the world with the help of PEPID. Our international drug database supports trade names from more than 40 countries around the world, and EMR systems can display only trade names available within a particular country or region to users.

Your Board Review with McGraw Hill 

Are your board reviews coming up?

Let PEPID and McGraw-Hill help you get through the preparation. McGraw-Hill is the trusted name and leading provider of educational preparation products. PEPID is the leading provider in electronic decision-support resources for healthcare professionals.

The two leaders have partnered together to provide you with a reliable, efficient tool to assist you in preparing for your board review examination. PEPID makes these resources available on your mobile device and online!

STAT Comic Corner  

Hope you enjoy this humorous comic provided by STAT Comic as much as we do here at PEPID!

Need some comic relief during your day? View more comic strips at

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Catch the Headlines Lately? 

Outbreaks and diseases are on the rise—Hantavirus and Meningitis have been hot topics in the news recently. 105 confirmed cases of fungal meningitis have been reported by the CDC all from a steroid shot used to treat back pain in patients. Hantavirus is deemed a disease with no cure. Catch the headlines along with up-to-date information about PEPID at our blog!

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Clinical Question of the Month

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What is the drug of choice to treat Torsades de Pointes?

A.) Epinephrine
B.) Calcium gluconate
C.) Magnesium sulfate
D.) Flecainide
E.) Procainamide

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