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PEPID is Excited to Introduce the Highest Quality Pill Pictures

We’ve added the highest quality pill pictures to our extensive clinical decision support database. After surveying thousands of pharmacists and clinicians, it became obvious that there was a dire need for higher quality medication images that allow clinicians to accurately identify any unknown medications, and to verify the proper medication is being dispensed or administered.

Now healthcare professionals can easily identify patient medications and reduce medication errors.

“A picture truly is worth a thousand words.” says John Wagner, PEPID president. “Now clinicians can eliminate the guesswork and properly identify their patient’s medications by using PEPID’s high-resolution pill pictures, available for integration within their electronic medical record (EMR), healthcare information system (HIS) or pharmacy system.”

Learn more at

PEPID Officially Launched iPad Application at HIMSS 2011

We officially launched our iPad app at HIMSS 2011 in Orlando. Our latest platform puts all our reference tools directly onto the device, so there is no need for a wireless connection. Check it out today at

Drug-Related Poisoning is a Common and Costly Problem: How Equipped Are Your Staff?

A study posted yesterday in the American Journal of Emergency Medicine stated an estimated 700,000 Americans went to the ED (emergency department) for drug related poisoning in 2007, which equates to 1900 per day. These visits cost almost $1.4 billion, or $3.8 million per day, 40% of the 1.4 billion was paid for by Medicare and Medicaid. (To read more on these statistics click here.)

With so many occurrences and so much money being spent on the treatment of drug-related poisonings it is vital that ED clinicians have the adequate resources that enable them to quickly and effectively treat their patients. With these resources, doctors can become more efficient and in turn lower the cost of care for drug related poisonings.

The most comprehensive toxicology reference on the market is offered by PEPID.  PEPID’s toxicology reference provides ED doctors, nurses, pharmacists and other healthcare professionals everything they need to assess, diagnose and treat poisonings and overdoses. This toxicology reference can easily be integrated into any EMR, HIS or EDIS, and is available on iPhone, iPad, Android, BlackBerry or other mobile devices via our software suites.

Health IT: Saving Time & Cutting Costs

In an industry as old as health care people are often reluctant to accept change. However, change is vital to ongoing success and effectiveness. Health IT has the potential to make practices more effective and efficient.  In a recent article, Jerry Buchanan discusses the 5 ways Health IT will reduce the cost of care. You can read more on this at

PEPID offers a wide range of Health IT platforms designed to increase physician’s effectiveness and become more efficient. To learn more about what PEPID has to offer visit or

Clinical IT Positions, Supply Not Meeting Demand

With hospital budgets loosening up because of the government incentives to provide meaningful use of EHRs, they are attempting to build staff to integrate and support the new technology. However many institutions are realizing that Clinical IT professionals are hard to find. The positions they need to fill are very specialized and the pool of qualified candidates is small. Hay Group completed a study that showed 47% of healthcare organizations are reporting difficulties with recruitment and/or retention of this specialized staff.  Click here to read more.

Clinical Question of the Month

Which of the following is not a cause for amenorrhea (absence of menses for > 6 months)?

  1. Turner Syndrome
  2. Extreme exercise
  3. Emotional of physical stress
  4. Discontinuing oral contraceptive pills
  5. Pregnancy
Answer: 4. Discontinuing oral contraceptive pills

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