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The PEPID Knowledge Base provides all healthcare information systems — EMR, EHR, EDIS, HIS, HIE, ePrescribe and more — with the medical and drug data and SDK necessary to integrate medical and drug data in a way that best meets a clinician’s needs for maximum functionality and usability.

PEPID offers an unmatched selection of clinical decision-support modules available for integration. From disease profiles to pill pictures to our Drug-Allergy Checker, every health information system can benefit from PEPID’s customized solutions.

Drug Information & Database

The most extensive drug information database on the market today, PEPID contains U.S., Canadian, and International drug names, including all the drugs in the AHFS, generics, over-the-counters, herbals and foods. Ranked No. 1 in an independent Georgetown University study, our authoritative drug data is continuously updated and reviewed by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP).

Clinical Decision Support

The PEPID Knowledge Base contains the full spectrum of clinical decision support for every member of the care team. From initial consultation to assessments, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care, PEPID provides the most authoritative and extensive electronic reference information available.

Medical and Dosing Calculators

Prevent medication errors related to improper dosing. Covering more than 3,000 weight-based and IV drip-rate dosing calculators, PEPID’s dosing calculators are drug-specific to promote medication safety.

Evidence-Based Medicine

Employ best-practice methods by referencing evidenced-based content inquiries from the Best Evidence in Emergency Medicine, the Family Physician Inquiries Network and the Oncology Nursing Society.

Medical Images and Illustrations

Our illustration and image database provides healthcare professionals with a visual reference for diagnosing or procedures, featuring thousands of images available and integrated into relevant content data sets.

Drug-Drug Interaction Alerts

Check for possible interactions between a patient’s entire medication regime, including prescriptions, over-the-counters, herbals, supplements and foods. The most powerful drug interaction checker available, PEPID provides a ranked listing of all possible interactions and a description of each reaction.

Drug-Allergy Alerts

Allergic reactions are estimated to account for 25% of all adverse drug events and have the potential to be life-threatening. PEPID’s drug-allergy checker allows healthcare professionals to cross-reference a patient’s food or drug allergies with their current list of medications and foods and receive an alert if an allergy or sensitivity exists.

IV Compatibility Tool

Check compatibility between IV drugs in Y-site, syringe or as an additive to minimize adverse drug events and maximize IV management and preparation.

Differential Diagnosis Generator

Pinpoint the causes of patient symptoms for better-informed diagnoses with PEPID’s DDX.

Patient Education Handouts

Our easy-to-understand patient education handouts are a great way for physicians to improve communication with patients. The information is concise and summarizes the most important information in regards to the prescription, rather than package inserts that are lengthy and difficult for non-clinicians to understand.

Pill Pictures

A picture is worth a thousand words and speaks volumes in identifying medications. Healthcare professionals can easily identify patient medications and reduce medication errors with the help of PEPID’s high-quality, comprehensive medication images.

Delivery Options

Access to PEPID Clinical Content


Designed for ease of implementation, PEPID supports InfoButton implementations that make integrating industry-leading CDS as simple and painless as possible.

PKB Extensions

Built off a platform designed for rapid integrations, PKB Extensions leverages a complete back-end system that accepts any nomenclature and returns immediately displayable CDS content and tools.

API / Web Services

Get total control over your drug and clinical reference data, with robust API delivery that allows you to design and display alerts and information at the most relevant points in the user workflow.

Flat File / Custom Export Structure

Localized databases with import scripts to drop any information into any existing system. Both US + Canadian and International Agnostic versions available. Custom export structures and designs available to meet any system requirements.

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The PEPID Knowledgebase (PKB)

Answers that Empower Action

This comprehensive and ever-growing knowledgebase of medical and clinical data and content boasts the largest drug database on the market and the largest selection of clinical modules to support clinical decisions. Designed for context sensitivity and seamless integration, the PKB returns profession-relevant results at only the points in the care process where they are desired.

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