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A leading global innovator of point-of-care technologies, PEPID has improved patient outcomes through technology and continues to raise the bar for how authoritative and accurate information is found and used by clinicians today. In the ever-evolving world of healthcare improvement legislation, PEPID has proven to be a vital resource to facilities in meeting their patient outcome and measurement objectives to ensure reimbursement. Schedule your one-on-one demonstration at HIMSS 2017 today by emailing

Why PEPID? To Improve Patient Care
PEPID seeks to provide all healthcare professionals with instantly accessible, current, comprehensive and authoritative clinical point-of-care reference materials to help them provide faster, more individualized, and more effective health care. Our goal is more satisfied practitioners and better patient outcomes.

“What is the Diagnosis?”

Pinpoint diagnoses based on symptoms, lab results or assessments.

“What Do I Need to Know About This Condition?”

Specialized clinical resources — only available through PEPID

“What are the alternative treatments?”

“What's the disease progression?”

“What do I need to teach my patient?”

“What do I need to know to manage my condition?”

“How Do I Treat It?”

The most extensive drug database on the market, the PEPID drug database contains the entire AHFS, all the drugs in the National Drug Code, and thousands of alternative medicines. PEPID offers thousands of drug information monographs covering more than 200,000 drug products worldwide. We also offer varying levels of drug information detail, to support all clinicians.

“What's This Pill?”

Eliminate the guesswork and properly identify patient medications with the highest quality pill pictures. Patients or clinicians can easily identify medication by entering the pill color, shape or imprint.

“How Do I Engage the Patient?”

Clinical and drug handouts help guide patients in owning their own health, and increase patient autonomy, written in an easy-to-understand language.

“What's the Proper Dose?”

Pediatric, weight-based and BSA-based dosing calculators give you the confidence of accurate dosing, every time. PEPID's 3,000 dosing calculators also contain customizable alerts if a dosage falls outside the minimum or maximum range for any particular medication at a particular weight, age or body surface area.

“Are There Any Interactions?”

Promote patients safety with customized alerts for drug-drug interactions, drug-allergy interactions, drug-alternative medication interactions, OTC interactions and duplicate therapy.

“How Do I Deliver the Information to Where It's Needed?”

PEPID's flexible delivery options make it easy to deliver the information when and where it's needed.

Meet your Meaningful Use 2 objectives; unique answers for unique healthcare professionals

Via API, HTML links, or flat file export

Make your healthcare professionals as mobile as they are.

For medical libraries, hospitals, clinics and departments

PEPID for Patients
PEPID for Patients is available for integration into any patient portal or via any EMR system.

Now get clinical and drug information in a format that's designed for patients and supports MU1 and MU2 objectives.

Pill Pictures
Easy-to-Understand Format
This complete reference provides patients with information to manage and maintain their own health.
• Lab Results
• Procedures
• Chronic health conditions

Medication Safety
PEPID for Patients contains tools to educate patients about medication use and safety.
• Critical medication information on 1,200 of the most common medications
• Drug Interactions
• Pill Identification Tool

Patients can identify their medications by entering the pill color, shape or imprint.
Download Reference Materials

PDF Enterprise CDS

Enterprise CDS

Everything your hospital or healthcare system needs in one place

PEPID Connect

Seamlessly connect your entire team to advanced clinical and drug references.
PDF PEPID Infobutton

PEPID Infobutton

Easily integrate clinical and drug information into any healthcare IT system.
PDF PEPID Knowledge Base

PEPID Knowledge Base

Give your team members what they need when and where they need it most.
PDF PEPID for Patients

PEPID for Patients

Clinical and drug information in a format designed for patients


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