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HIMSS ’19, Booth #1047

February 12-14, 2019

PEPID will commemorate its 25th year anniversary with an insightful panel discussion on implementing pharmacogenomics in practice. Thought-leaders and pioneers in the practice of precision medicine will discuss the challenges they've faced, and how accessible, predictive pharmacogenetic tools empower clinicians to succeed in the future outcome-based reimbursement.

Speakers and Topics for the Implementing Precision Medicine Series

Topic: Implementing Precision Medicine in the Clinical Setting: Challenges and Rewards
Date & Time: Tuesday Feb. 12, at 1pm
Wednesday Feb. 13, at 11am & 1pm
Speaker: Mark Rosenbloom M.D., MBA
PEPID - Founder and Chief Executive Officer

Founder of LIFEFORCE Medical Institute, Dr. Mark Rosenbloom M.D. has practiced medicine for over 25 years. His current focus on preventative and age management medicine has led to extensive research into pharmacogenetics, which he has applied in his practice. As founder and CEO of PEPID, he has worked tirelessly to turn this research into an actionable resource that can be used in his, and every, practice.

Dr. Rosenbloom received his training at McGill University, Northwestern University Medical School, Stanford University, and, more recently, the Cenegenics Education and Research Foundation. He is the winner of multiple academic awards, including the prestigious Sigmund S. Winton award in Biochemistry. He is also a recognized expert and author on vitamin toxicity, medical error reduction, and medical informatics.

Topic:Precision without Fatigue: Focusing on User-experience and Technology to Improve Patient Outcomes
Date & Time: Tuesday Feb. 12, at 11am
Wednesday Feb. 13, at 10am
Speaker: Mr. W. Edward Reynolds
PEPID - Executive Vice President, CTO

As CTO and Executive Vice President of PEPID, Mr. Reynolds leads PEPID’s technology strategy and manages the solutions development, content systems, business systems, and technology infrastructure that secures the company’s position as the leader in medical information resources and drug databases. He is responsible for developing PEPID PGx, the industry’s first predictive drug-drug and drug-gene interaction checker. Mr. Reynolds is also responsible for the conception and development of the PEPID integration model, allowing all information to be integrated into any electronic health record system via API, HL7 Infobutton®, or HL7 FHIR®, and for transforming the first mobile health application into a leader in today’s mobile healthcare environment.

Having held high-profile positions throughout his career in software development and quality assurance, Mr. Reynolds has earned his reputation as a forward-thinking and experienced technology strategy leader. Before joining PEPID in 2004, he began his technical journey with the United States Air Force before moving on to become the Vice President of Software Engineering at Bentley Systems.

Topic:The Long Game: Why Early Adoption of Pharmacogenomics Will Pay Off
Date & Time: Thursday Feb. 14, at 11am & 1pm
Speaker: Nick Ho M.D.
PEPID - Lead Medical Editor

Dr. Nghia "Nick" Ho, Lead Medical Editor at PEPID, oversees the uncompromised quality and curation of the rich medical and pharmaceutical data housed within the PEPID Knowledgebase. This includes the pharmacogenomic content behind PEPID's PGx. His dedication to turning extensive research into actionable points for clinicians has helped bring complex pharmacogenomic principles to the bedside to make precision medicine in practice a reality. Dr. Ho graduated from St. Matthew's University Medical Program. From there, he moved on to become a director of Research and Development before joining the PEPID team in 2011.

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With Pharmacogenomics
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Unlocking the Potential

PEPID PGx brings precision medicine to the point of care. This first-of-its-kind predictive pharmacogenomic solution empowers clinicians to not only identify potential drug-drug and drug-gene interactions, but to optimize patient treatments immediately by returning concise, action-oriented information. The pharmacogenetic data repository combines with an interoperable drug and clinical information repository cleverly designed to assist the clinician with next steps in treatment optimization, such as modifying dosing or locating alternative treatments.

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The PEPID Knowledgebase (PKB)

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This comprehensive and ever-growing knowledgebase of medical and clinical data and content boasts the largest drug database on the market and the largest selection of clinical modules to support clinical decisions. Designed for context sensitivity and seamless integration, the PKB returns profession-relevant results at only the points in the care process where they are desired.

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