Supporting the Victims
of Hurricanes Harvey and Irma

To support the clinicians helping the victim's of Harvey and Irma, PEPID's most valuable suites are available nationwide at absolutely no cost. Download PEPID onto your device or access it via a browser.

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until October 9th, 2017

How PEPID Helps during Disasters

Hurricane related injuries, crowded living conditions, standing water, and limited medical supplies, records, and facilities can come together in the wake of a hurricane to challenge clinicians trying to help. Whether you're from the area, traveling there to assist, or treating new patients displaced to your area, PEPID is here to help with:

  • Pill Identification
  • Avoiding Drug Interactions
  • Avoiding Allergy Interactions
  • Focused Clinical Content, from Diagnosis to Treatment
  • Drug Content, including Complete Monographs
  • Medical Calculators
  • And more...

Please contact us with any questions you have about using PEPID at

Emergency Medicine Suite

Designed for emergency medicine physicians; easy-to-find, fully relevant content and tools

Pediatric Emergency Medicine Suite

Designed to help healthcare professionals treat pediatric patients with emergent medical, surgical and traumatic conditions more efficiently and accurately

Primary Care Plus Ambulatory Care

Our most comprehensive, integrated reference tool, covering all specialties

Professional Nursing Suite

Gives you the information you need at the bedside, improving quality, safety and efficiency of care

Bedside Education

PEPID's Bedside Education offers clinicians a "Quick Ref" of points to discuss with their patients, and a printable handout covering the information patients need regarding their condition