National Drug Code Database


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EMR, eMAR and EHR systems can rely on PEPID to deliver one of the healthcare industry’s most trusted sources of drug information

PEPID’s National Drug Code database allows EHR, ePrescribe, CPOE and eMAR system providers to use NDC as the basis of their system. This, combined with PEPID’s extensive integration technologies, allows systems to provide the most trusted and authoritative drug information to clinicians and support them through every stage of the decision process, increasing safety and accuracy through better-informed patient care.

The NDC database adds to the robust content and tools available to build smarter systems, and helps to meet meaningful use criteria in electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

The PEPID National Drug Code (NDC) database contains approximately 200,000 unique codes that encompass the current medications approved by the FDA, including prescriptions, OTCs, and homeopathics. The database is updated quarterly to correspond with the FDA publications and updates. The information contained in the NDC database includes, but is not limited to:

  • Trade Name
  • Drug Name
  • Strength
  • Unit
  • Form
  • Active ingredients
  • Ingredients
  • Prescription or OTC
  • Route
  • Manufacturer Information
  • Package Information (size and type)

This is in addition PEPID’s drug information monographs, drug interaction checker, drug-allergy checker, dosing calculators and medication vocabulary cross mapping already available.