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It is not unusual for a breakthrough in communication and information technology to be accompanied by some confusion about its terminology. In the rush to launch new products and services, software developers, hardware makers and carriers may be inconsistent in the way they describe their products or services. Users may become confused, especially when the same word or phrase is applied or misapplied to more than one platform. Today, the introduction of devices, applications and services labeled wireless, mobile, and mobile wireless is an example.

At PEPID, we strive to be consistent in how we apply these terms. Our definitions follow industry standards and are:

If you can easily carry it with you, it is a mobile device. When you carry PEPID™ Emergency Physician Suite software loaded on your PDA during emergency room shifts, your PDA is a mobile device. You may access PEPID Online on your laptop by cable. But, your laptop is still a mobile device. In both cases, PEPID is being used as a mobile information resource.

Tungsten E
 Tungsten E

Dell Axim x51v
Dell Axim x51v

These are mobile devices that may run PDA software or may be wireless.

Many large healthcare organizations now host their own wireless environments and deliver PEPID as a part of their overall medical information system solution. When an organization delivers PEPID information via their own wireless service (like an Internet Café), the PEPID database becomes a wireless product. PDAs, laptops and desktops receiving the transmission are considered wireless devices.

Blackberry 8700
 BlackBerry 8700

Treo 700
Treo 700

These are wireless devices. When they receive their PEPID data by broadband carrier, then they are considered mobile wireless devices.

Mobile Wireless

When you receive PEPID medical and drug information via a broadband carrier—like Cingular, Sprint or Verizon—then your handheld or laptop is a mobile wireless device. PEPID™ for BlackBerry®, Moto® Q, Palm® Treo, Dell™ Pocket PC, or HP® iPAQ Pocket PC are mobile wireless resources, when the data is delivered by a broadband service provider.

PEPID offers platform support for a wide range of mobile, wireless, and mobile wireless handhelds including Palm , Pocket PC, BlackBerry, Moto Q, and Smart Phones.

For information about implementing a PEPID wireless, mobile, or online solution at your institution, click here.


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New from PEPID Technology

Now Verizon Wireless customers can access their favorite PEPID medical information resources on the MOTO Q™ from Motorola. To send and receive data, the Moto Q uses Verizon Wireless BroadbandAccess network. The device runs Microsoft Windows Mobile® 5.0 software, and is only available through Verizon. PEPID already offers platform support for a wide range of mobile, wireless, and mobile wireless handhelds including Palm®, Pocket PC®, BlackBerry®, SmartPhones™.


To Add Notes:

The Notes icon allows you to create, edit, and delete notes. Once a note is created, anytime a subject is searched for that has a note, the note icon will be red in the navigation bar. The information you add will stay on your handheld, even after updates.

Strength of Recommendations Clearly Marked

In evaluating evidence-based medicine, it is important to know what method was used to make the recommendation. PEPID clearly categorizes its EBM content as resulting from Systematic Reviews, Controlled Studies or Expert Opinion with Peer Review—so, you always know the methodology behind the recommendation. Literature citations are also included, where appropriate.

PEPID collaborates with the prestigious Family Physician’s Inquiries Network™ (FPIN) to produce over 400 Evidence-Based medicine topics that include FPIN Clinical Inquiries™ and Help-Desk Answers™. Help-Desk Answers take a look at the most current, asked for research; and interprets how it affects day-to-day clinical practice. Clinical Inquiries provide the most thoroughly researched answers to the most often asked questions from clinicians.

Accessing PEPID EBM, physicians not only get instant-access to patient treatment recommendations; they also have the research and Strength of Recommendation evaluation tools to back them up.


To Use:

1) From the Acute Care
    Reference, under Shock Types,
    select Cardiogenic Shock.

2) Select the Notes icon to
    add a note. For your
    convenience, it gives your note
    a title, and keeps track of the
    last time you modified it.

3) Select on the first line provided
    and enter your message.

4) Select the Save button.

The next time you search for the Cardiogenic Shock topic, the note icon will appear in red in the navigation bar.

Flight surgeon says using PEPID results in better patient care

—LCDR Alfredo Ernesto Baker, M.D.
Assistant Group Surgeon,
Marine Air Group 24, MCBH Kaneohe Bay
Kailua, Hawaii

"I use PEPID in a busy acute care clinic for the aviation active duty and non-flight status personnel," writes Dr. Baker. "We encounter not only every day medical cases such as pharyngitis, shoulder pain, etc. but also a wide variety of interesting cases such Type I diabetes, myasthenia gravis , etc."

"All patients were treated (consulting PEPID recommendations) which has resulted in excellent patient care delivery." Dr. Baker concludes that "In all clinical cases, PEPID has been an excellent source for methods of diagnosis, treatment, disposition, and follow up."

About Dr. Baker
Dr. Baker earned his Doctor of Medicine from the Temple School of Medicine, Philadelphia, in 1999, where he achieved 1st Place in the First Annual Medical Student Research Award. After completing a Family Practice Internship at Bremerton Naval Hospital in Washington State, he served as Senior Medical Officer, Regimental Combat Team 2, Task Force Tarawa Operation Enduring Freedom/Operation Iraqi Freedom and as Flight Surgeon, Helicopter Marine Training Squadron 301, MCBH. Dr. Baker’s military honors include the Navy/Marine Corps Commendation Medal and Combat Action Ribbon. Today, he continues to serve as one of the Senior Flight Surgeon based in Hawaii.

Professional Organizations:
National Naval Officers Association, Knight of Columbus, American Academy of Family Physicians

Baker, A. E., et al, "Influence of Estrogen Deficiency and Replacement on T-Cell Populations in Rat Lymphoid Tissues and Organs"; Journal of Endocrine,02/2000, Volume 12, No. 1, pp. 81-88.

Baker, A. E., et al, "Effects of Vitamin D Binding Protein-Macrophage Activating Factor on Osteoclast and Macrophage Function in Vitro"; Journal of Bone & Mineral Research, 08/1996, Volume 11, Supplement 1, pp. S185.

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