RN Care Plan Pro

Patients, not Paperwork

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Online Care Plan Management Tool for Professional Nurses

Move the focus from the paperwork to the patient with PEPID's online RN Care Plan Pro. Seamlessly integrating into nursing workflows, this tool supports you and your team with linked clinical content and nursing considerations, including the complete collection of NANDA Diagnosis, over 200 care plan templates, a system for creating custom care plans, and an easy to use platform for sharing and updates.

RN Care Plans Pro Tools & Features

Create Care Plans

Create custom care plans from scratch, save your own templates to use again later, or edit over 200 preset templates based on NANDA Diagnosis. Care plans include diagnosis, patient's ongoing assessment, therapeutic intervention, patient education/ continuity of care, references, edits, subsets and rationales.

My Care Plans

Improve continuity of care across all shifts with all of your care plans and custom templates shareable from one place. Select the care plan by the creator, then patient name or ID, add any comments and updates, and save all changes to be visible by your team.

Nursing-specific Clinical Content & Considerations

Build your care plans and look up critical, actionable information from one place with dosing calculators, lab values, nursing diagnoses, nursing considerations, clinical information, and patient education just a click away with PEPID's Nursing Professional Suite.

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