Project at Duke University School of Nursing studies use of PDAs for education in classroom, learning laboratory, and clinical settings.

SKOKIE, IL, July 22, 2005 - PEPID LLC "the world's leading developer of medical information and support tools" announced today that its software was used in an important new project that assesses the uses and effectiveness of PDAs in classroom, learning laboratory, and clinical settings. Details of the project, Infusing PDA Technology into Nursing Education, appear in the July/August 2005 issue of NURSE EDUCATOR.

The one year project incorporated PDA technology and software into the Schoolfs accelerated bachelor of science (ABSN) program. The authors of the report were led by Ann White, MSN, RN, CCNS, CEN, Assistant Clinical Professor, Duke University School of Nursing. Conclusions reported in the NURSE EDUCATOR article include that PDA usage:

  • Supports the development of strong student organizational skills;
  • Supports the development of leadership skills such as empowerment;
  • Enhances learning by allowing students to rapidly and efficiently access information in the clinical setting;
  • Allows for student reinforcement of core knowledge for practice;
  • Strengthens professional confidence by allowing students to provide immediate patient feedback.

Students used PEPID software for quick access to information on drugs, drug interactions, and specific diseases; nursing considerations, procedures, and protocols. Using PDAs, students better understood the patient situation and possible nursing interventions. The project also found that PDAs are especially useful in clinical settings, where other resources may not be readily available.

gOverall, the infusion of PDAs into our ABSN program has been very successful,h says Ms. White. gWe have discovered benefits for both students and faculty members.h

gAt PEPID, we are delighted that a project, at an institution as prestigious as Duke Universityfs School of Nursing, is studying the application of our software for nursing students,h says John Wagner, President of PEPID.

The project at Duke University School of Nursing was funded by a grant through the universityfs Center for Instructional Technology. The article, Infusing PDA Technology Into Nursing Education by White et al, appears in NURSE EDUCATOR, Vol. 30, No. 4, July/August 2005, published by Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, Inc.

About The Duke University School of Nursing

The Duke University School of Nursing, founded in 1931, offers an accelerated bachelor of science in nursing degree, a master of science in nursing degree and a PhD in nursing (beginning in Fall 2006). In academic year 2004-05, total enrollment included 440 students. The school has 45 faculty members, and ranks 23rd nationally in National Institutes of Health (NIH) funding. Construction of a new 56,000 square foot building is underway.


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