Life Love & Health: “Doctors need all the help they can get from technology like PEPID, which helps them practice compassionate medicine.” – Christopher Springman

Skokie, IL. September 15, 2005--PEPID LLC-the world’s leading developer of medical information and support tools – continues to be featured in selected Life Love & Health segments which appear 126 times per day on 16 XM Satellite Radio news channels in major US cities every day.

In the current 90-second installment, Christopher Springmann, the show’s executive producer and on-air personality, interviews Dr Robert Gordon, an emergency medicine resident at Mercy Hospital in Chicago Illinois.

Springmann focuses on drug interactions, noting that “there are over 15,000 drug interactions for combinations of pharmaceuticals, herbals, over the counter medications, alcohol, even illegal drugs,” and questions, “How could anyone keep this straight?”

The answer, he said, was “a Palm Pilot loaded with an electronic point of care reference software called…. PEPID.”

Dr Gordon commented, “[PEPID] helps you do the right thing.” He explained that 30 seconds to check for a drug interaction can avoid a drug prescribing error that could place a patient at risk.

He “absolutely” agreed that Technology like PEPID helps doctors practice compassionate medicine – and avoid mistakes.

This segment was the second by Springmann to feature PEPID and will appear in a series that describes some of the challenges that today’s physicians face. In the first segment he interviewed Dr Mark Rosenbloom, an emergency physician and the founder and CEO of PEPID LLC.

About Life Love and Health:

Life Love & Health is a daily health entertainment feature featured on XM Satellite Radio news, talk and sports channels. It is a pre-recorded 90-second health+lifestyle show that blends real-world health and wellness information with celebrity stories, human drama and lively production. The show airs 126 times per day on 16 XM Radio channels including Fox News, CNN News, ABC Talk, MSNBC, ESPN, Fox Sports, Sporting News, Discovery, E!, Ask, America Right, America Left, and the Family channel.

According to Christopher Springmann, executive producer, "We are committed to telling compelling stories with compassion and empathy for people’s health issues, while creating a unique listener experience driven by diversity and sensitive music selection."

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PEPID, the Portable Emergency and Primary Care Information Database, is designed to assist in the reduction of medical errors and improve patient outcomes. It provides healthcare professionals access to the most comprehensive, accurate, and current pharmacological and clinical information at the point of care via personal data assistants (PDAs). PEPID was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician at Northwestern University School of Medicine. PEPID covers medical and trauma topics typically encountered in emergency and primary care settings.