Journal of Electronic Resources in Medical Libraries, Vol. 2(3) 2005: “Today’s PEPID Drug Database has made great strides, and the database of the future may be ranked number one among clinicians.” -Marie K. Saimbert, RN, BSN, RPh, MLS

Skokie, IL. September 15, 2005--PEPID LLC-the world’s leading developer of medical information and support tools-once again proves its worth in the healthcare community according to one independent reviewer in this 2-part review published today in this prestigious medical library journal. Part one describes the comprehensive PEPID RN product that is becoming the leading resource for practicing and training RNs and Part two favorably compares PEPID’s drug database (PDC) against contender Epocrates.

Marie K. Saimbert is an Information & Education Librarian for the University of Medicine & Dentistry of New Jersey and her review of PEPID RN and PDC (Portable Drug Companion) was just published in the Journal of Electronic Sources in Medical Libraries.

Part two (PEPID PDC) is described here while Part one is described in another release (see “PEPID RN: A Comprehensive Point-of-Care Product for Nursing”).

In this review, the PEPID PDC software was compared to similar products released by Epocrates. Saimbert found that PEPID’s drug database and interactions generator outperformed the competition.

The review pits PEPID PDC against Epocrates Rx, both online and on handhelds. PEPID emerges as the leader with drug interactions ratings that “facilitate quick recognition of potentially life-threatening interactions,” while Epocrates does not rate their interactions.

“The gem for any nursing student, nurse, and pharmacist . . . is [PEPID’s] section on ‘Drug Interactions Mechanisms.’ A concise, well thought out and well laid out overview of prime causes of drug interactions is presented,” writes Saimbert. She also goes on to mention a “valuable” section on pharmacokinetic-based interactions and a “noteworthy” overdose management consideration.

Saimbert also mentions the pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic distinctions PEPID highlights in their Drug Database as something that pharmacists and other healthcare professionals may find “very useful.”

To assist in the calculation of doses, Saimbert points out that “PEPID has over 1600 integrated dosing calculators, and imbedded drip rate calculators for each IV drip that a nurse would need.” Hundreds of additional medical calculators are also included, plus SI to American unit converters.

PEPID also includes hundreds of herbal, OTC and food supplements. The interactions generator also includes drug-food, drug-herb interactions and Canadian drug trade names.

In commenting about some of Epocrates additional features Saimbert noted that Epocrates “makes a weak attempt at offering a tool kit of about ten relevant medical hyperlinks.”

“New Medications are released all the time,” says Mark Rosenbloom, CEO and founder of PEPID. “With an aging population on more prescription and OTC drugs than ever before, the risks are higher for healthcare professionals and the need for a program like our Portable Drug Companion is that much greater.”

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