Medical Palm Review, July/August Edition: PEPID PCP “encompasses so many tools that I use every day at work and constantly adds new features.” –Dr. Paul Arnold.

Skokie IL. July 12, 2005—PEPID LLC-the world’s leading developer of medical information and support tools-was the subject of a favorable review in the July/August edition of the Medical Palm Review.

Dr. Paul Arnold of the University Health Network featured PEPID in a recent edition of the Medical Palm Review, a popular monthly newsletter with all the latest information on currently available medical PDA software.

Dr. Arnold, an expert in PDA medical technology and a long-time PEPID subscriber, described why he uses the software in his practice. "[PEPID] encompasses so many tools that I use everyday at work and constantly adds new features . . . I can look up diseases and drugs, perform specific medical calculations and get treatment algorithms. …Calculators, interaction generators – are accessible from within any topic – don’t require swapping apps – a nice touch due to the limitations of the Palm OS”.

Other features he notes includes PEPID’s exclusive Evidence-Based Medicine section that teams PEPID with the Family Physicians Inquiries Network (FPIN) to provide treatment guidelines and EBM-style answers to practical clinical questions. In addition, a section on medical literature analysis, contains the “stuff” he finds “tricky at times” like NNT, using tests and explaining options to patients.

In addition to content, PEPID scored well in accessibility. From PEPID’s new OnCard subscription program to the easy switch back and forth between PDA and online, Dr. Arnold found PEPID’s versatility refreshing. “The OnCard system works well,” he states. And later in the review: “This flexibility should suit many users and probably contributes to the widespread use of their products.”

Dr. Arnold also praised PEPID's software developers for improving the download process with multiple options so the subscriber would always be successful. “No more online validation and stumbling over firewalls,” he writes.

The review is a testimonial to why Mark Rosenbloom created PEPID in 1994. As an emergency room physician, Rosenbloom experienced firsthand the time crunch and information overload that most healthcare professionals deal with everyday. His company was constructed around the needs of the end-user and he has never lost sight of his clientele.

“I am very pleased with Dr Arnold's review,” says Rosenbloom. “He is a practicing physician and extremely knowledgeable when it comes to all the currently available medical software. His positive review PLUS the fact that he uses it every day at work, is most gratifying.”

Dr. Arnold’s review can be found at: The Medical Palm Review

Or contact PEPID at for a copy of the review.