Annals of Emergency Medicine review: PEPID ED is “the most extensive in this series of PDA programs evaluated.”

Skokie, IL. November, 2004--PEPID LLC-the world’s leading developer of medical information and support tools - was cited in a review in the Annals of Emergency Medicine as the “most extensive” reference tool in a series of comparable PDA programs evaluated.

Slava Winters, MD, with the Emory University Emergency Medicine Residency Program in Atlanta, knows the need for accessible information in the emergency room. “As an emergency room physician, finding relevant, timely medical information from the past can be challenging while working, Today, with a personal digital assistant (PDA) and cutting edge software [like PEPID], this information is readily accessible,” writes Winters. “We work in an advancing technological and medical era with an ever-increasing wealth of knowledge. In the emergency department, this information is important to have at the touch of a button.”

In the review, PEPID is compared to the Mobile Physician’s Desk Reference and the Tarascon Pocket Pharmacopoeia in terms of speed, content and accessibility. PEPID emerges as the “most extensive in this series.” What sets PEPID apart from the other PDA applications, according to Winters, is the “sheer volume of information available, all separated into succinct points.” Winters goes on to note, “[PEPID] contains a wealth of medical calculators, equations and conversions, as well as a variety of useful eponyms, normal laboratory values, step-by-step procedures, and a quick reference dermatome and vision chart. PEPID also contains unique specialty information on topics such as coding and billing, nuclear/biochemical weapons, ultrasonography, and transplant medicine.”

“This review is great for two reasons,” says Dr Mark Rosenbloom, an emergency physician and the CEO and Founder of PEPID, “the first, of course, is that we have been distinguished as the most extensive and practical reference database in emergency medicine. Second, and more important to me, is that PEPID is revealed to be an effective tool that makes a difference in the world of emergency medicine. My goal has always been to help emergency physicians, like myself, to provide better care and achieve better patient outcomes.”

Winters concludes the review by stating that PEPID is “an excellent means for emergency physicians to have everything from current relevant drug information to more extensive text-like data.”

The review can be seen in its entirety at: PEPID Review

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