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Licensing agreement delivers standardized nursing diagnoses to student nurses using PEPID on handheld devices and online

Evanston, Illinois – May 23, 2007 – PEPID, a leading developer of mobile medical information resources for healthcare, today announced a licensing agreement with Philadelphia-based NANDA International (NANDA-I, formerly the North American Nursing Diagnosis Association), a professional organization dedicated to the standardization of nursing terminology and its application, and publisher of an approved list of nursing diagnoses. Under the terms of the agreement, NANDA-I created terminology and diagnoses will be incorporated into PEPID™ RN Student Clinical Companion, so that students learn to create professional nursing care plans and better communicate with other healthcare workers.

"We are proud to work with the leading creator of standardized language systems for nursing, and to promote the use of nursing diagnoses in education and clinical practice," says PEPID President John Wagner. "Our agreement with NANDA International is the result of PEPID's commitment to nursing education and to provide the most comprehensive knowledge tools for nursing students."

Earlier this month, PEPID announced a similar agreement with Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins of Baltimore, Maryland, publisher of Stedman's Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition. Under the terms of that agreement, terminology from Stedman's Medical Dictionary (28th Edition) will also be used to further enhance the clinical use and educational value of PEPID medical information resources for handheld and online devices.

"By incorporating the most accurate, standardized terminology available into PEPID, we are helping nursing schools better prepare students for the increasingly internationalized world of healthcare," adds Wagner. "With PEPID RN Student at hand, beginning nurses will be able to better communicate for enhanced learning, greater productivity, and patient safety."

About NANDA International
NANDA International is recognized as the leader in development and classification of nursing diagnoses. Founded in 1973, NANDA International is a member driven, grassroots organization committed to the development of nursing diagnostic terminology. The desired outcome of the Association's work is to provide nurses at all levels and in all areas of practice with a standardized nursing terminology. Nursing terminology is the key to defining the future of nursing practice and NANDA International is in the forefront. The Association is committed to increasing the visibility of nursing's contribution to patient care by continuing to develop, refine and classify phenomena of concern to nurses.

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