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Gerontological Nursing Suite gives nurses the information and mobility needed to treat the rapidly growing, over sixty patient population

Evanston, Illinois — October 18, 2007 PEPID, the innovative medical information software developer, announced today that it is launching a new product, PEPID™ Gerontological Nursing Suite (RN GERO). Released for online, Palm, PocketPC, Windows Mobile, BlackBerry, iPhone and Smartphone devices, nurses can now carry specialty-focused medical information with them virtually anywhere. Whether “bedside” is in a patient’s home, a care facility or a hospital, nursing professionals will have the decision-support they need, in hand, to care for older adults.

Americans over the age of 65 are just 12 percent of our total population today. But, they consume a disproportionate amount of our healthcare services: 50 percent of all hospital days, 60 percent of adult ambulatory care visits, and 70 percent of all home visits. Baby boomers are turning 60 at the rate of almost 8,000 a day. As a result, a projected 71 million Americans will be 65 or older by 2030.

“All the numbers point in one direction,” says PEPID President, John Wagner. “The quality of life for a rapidly growing segment of patients will increasingly depend on the nurses specializing in gerontological care. We are proud to have anticipated their needs. And, to be able to provide them with the clinical information and tools needed for better informed care, greater productivity and safety.”

Developed with the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, PEPID RN GERO provides instant clinical answers on thousands of conditions, disorders and diseases that afflict older adults. Specialty-focus includes geriatric assessment, pharmacology, and multi-system syndromes, and palliative care. It also integrates a drug database with a drug interactions generator, an interactive IV drug compatibility tool, weight-based dosing calculators and medical calculators.


Developed by Mark Rosenbloom, MBA, MD, FACEP more than a decade ago, PEPID is now an innovative developer of the most comprehensive and fully integrated point-of-care medical information resources on the market. PEPID utilizes mobile and online technology to deliver clinical decision support resources specific for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, EMTs and students.

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