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PEPID™ Emergency Medicine Clinical Companion is designed to help physicians save precious time and patient lives by delivering decision-support at point-of-care on smartphones, other handheld and online devices

Evanston, Illinois – September 15, 2007 – PEPID, a leading developer of mobile medical information resources for healthcare worldwide, today announced the release of Emergency Medicine Clinical Companion (EMCC). EMCC is a complete global reference tool and drug database that gives instant access to 25,000 internationally comprehensive drug names, herbals, and over-the-counter medications. EMCC has more than 2,700 global medical topics, medical and dosing calculators and an integrated drug interactions generator.

EMCC offers physicians an integrated database which covers the full spectrum of emergency medicine in a single source. EMCC covers topics from the common to the atypical, with detailed and evidence-based information, including trauma, toxicology, CBRNE, ACLS, psychiatric and paedeatric conditions.

Consulting medical resources is a necessary step in the daily workflow of emergency physicians, reduces potential errors and optimizes the level of patient care. In the high-paced world of emergency point-of-care, EMCC allows access to accurate patient care information more quickly and easily.

PEPID — a recent recipient of the RIM 2007 Wireless Leadership Award — delivers mobile access to fully-integrated medical, clinical, and pharmacological information, including evidence-based medicine; medical calculators, dosing calculators, drug interactions generator and illustrations.

PEPID timed the EMCC release announcement to celebrate the opening of The Fourth Mediterranean Emergency Medicine Congress in Sorrento, Italy, September 15 – 19.

PEPID Medical Information Resources have been proven under fire in combat zones, natural disasters, clinics, hospitals, universities and schools around the world. By using PEPID products, healthcare professionals find answers to tough diagnostic and therapeutic questions, resulting in better patient satisfaction and outcomes. Schools use PEPID for better learning in classrooms and clinical settings. For institutions, PEPID means easy implementation, higher productivity, fewer errors, and greater staff and patient satisfaction. Patients benefit from better service, education, and care.

PEPID partners with the American Academy of Emergency Medicine, the National Association of Emergency Medical Services Educators, the Family Physician Inquiries Network, the National Association of Clinical Nurse Specialists, the Oncology Nursing Society, and the American Society of Health System Pharmacists to ensure authoritative peer review and highest quality content. 

Agreements with Wolters Kluwer Health/Lippincott Williams & Wilkins, publisher of Stedman’s Medical Dictionary, 28th Edition, NANDA-I, and SNOMED International allow PEPID to further enhance the clinical and educational value of its products, ensure their interoperability on a global scale, and promote improved communications and patient safety worldwide.

Recipient of RIM’s 2007 Wireless Leadership Award for ingenuity and excellence in the application of wireless solutions, PEPID technology partners include BlackBerry, Palm, and Dell. PEPID products are available online and for handhelds running Palm, Windows, BlackBerry and Symbian operating systems.

PEPID has Regional Offices in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, Montreal, Quebec, Canada and London, England with Corporate Headquarters in Chicago, Illinois.