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Healthcare professionals and students now have high-resolution visual
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SKOKIE, IL, November 22, 2005 - PEPID LLC, developer of #1 rated medical/drug information and decision-support tools - announced today that the latest version of its medical information software will include nearly 100 high-resolution images including anatomical illustrations and enhanced rhythm strips. Now healthcare professionals and students, using their PDAs or PEPID Online, will have high-resolution visual resources at their fingertips.

"“Our team of clinicians reviewed a wide range of potential anatomy subjects, before selecting which ones to illustrate," says Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, PEPID Founder and CEO. "As with all PEPID content, we chose illustrations based on their immediate and direct clinical relevance. Every illustration in the new Clinical Anatomy Module is a visual reference clinicians will use."”

The new illustrations and enhanced rhythm strips are a result of PEPID's ongoing commitment to support PDAs, and other small screen devices, with the highest quality content possible. "“This is just the first in a planned series of illustration portfolios that will eventually cover the entire skeleton…muscles, tendons, ligaments, bursa, arteries, veins, nerves; the brain and body organs," adds Rosenbloom. "Important anatomic pathology will be integrated throughout the text, as we further develop this unique resource. As always, we welcome feedback from our users about what they'd like to see in future releases."”

The new images are available in all PEPID software suites, versions 6.3 and higher, for physicians, nurses, students, and paramedics. They are designed to take advantage of newer high resolution, high capacity devices, but will be viewable by older devices with sufficient memory.

"“The addition of illustrations and high resolution images greatly enhances the value of PEPID Suites to all of our users," says PEPID President John Wagner. “"Professionals will discover that our rhythm strips have been enhanced to near-diagnostic image quality and that they are well integrated into related content. Students will find these new resources handy in study and classroom, as well as clinical settings."”

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About PEPID LLC and PEPID Anatomy Handbook

PEPID, LLC was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician and faculty member at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago. There are PEPID products designed for physicians, nurses, students, paramedics and pharmacists. By making their mobile workplaces more efficient and productive, PEPID medical information resources result in better patient outcomes and more satisfied healthcare professionals.

PEPID Clinical Anatomy Module and enhanced rhythm strips are available for the first time in all PEPID software suites, versions 6.3. Memory requirements for this release have increased about 3 megabytes for PDA users. The use of a memory card, like PEPID OnCard, is recommended. PEPID Online users will enjoy larger screen high-resolution viewing. More information about PEPID products can be found at


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