PEPID Implemented in Every Emergency Hospital in Romania

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PEPID Implemented in Every Emergency Hospital in Romania

Evanston, Illinois � September 10, 2008 � PEPID announced the Romanian government has licensed PEPID�s Emergency Medicine Clinical Companion (EMCC) for every Romanian hospital, in an effort to improve the quality of care throughout the country.

"PEPID EMCC was exactly the type of resource we needed. It gives our physicians a complete electronic medical reference at their fingertips, and creates a more unified healthcare system," said Dr. Raed Arafat, Romanian Undersecretary of State.

PEPID EMCC is the international collection of resources healthcare professionals need to make informed decisions at the point of care. It includes a drug database with 30,000 international drug names, dosing calculators, disease information and treatment protocols. Embedded directly into the workflow, it drastically decreases the time it takes to make decisions, which means that in addition to improving quality of care, healthcare professionals throughout Romania are saving time and are able to treat more patients.

"In a region where medical information is scarce, Romanian hospitals no longer need to worry about not having the information they need, or having it in a format that is difficult to use," says Dr. Arafat. "This influx of medical knowledge will have a resounding impact in building a healthcare system that is more cohesive, accurate and productive."

PEPID continues to have a growing international presence around the globe. Countries including Taiwan, Lebanon, Australia and Canada have already discovered that linking doctors to a clinical reference helps elevate the quality of patient care and reduce medical errors. Romania has decided to follow these footsteps.

"Developing innovative technologies to provide superior medical resources and improve the quality of care throughout the world is a fundamental goal for our team," said PEPID President, John Wagner, "we are proud to deliver our tried-and-true information to every hospital in Romania."

Ingrid Wells
Director, Marketing

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