PEPID, Intermedical Technologies Join Forces To Improve Healthcare Around the Globe

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PEPID, Intermedical Technologies Join Forces To Improve Healthcare Around the Globe

Evanston, Illinois - November 14, 2008 - PEPID Medical Information Systems announced today that Intermedical Technologies (IMT) has licensed the PEPID Knowledge Base (PKB) in a movement to improve health education and quality of care throughout healthcare institutions around the globe.

IMT has integrated the extensive pharmacological content, drug interactions generator, and medical and dosing calculators from the PKB into its own system to bring decision support resources to the point of care, improving patient care and reducing medication errors.

"As a component of IMT's My Med application, our international drug database once again will provide a developing country with crucial information to achieve positive patient outcomes," says PEPID President John Wagner. "This partnership has extended PEPID's global reach to include yet another country."

Integrating PEPID's established resources into the system used to get continuing medical education credits, look up information on diseases and conditions and connect with other healthcare professionals to manage complex patient cases improves workflow and efficiency by allowing clinicians to get all the information they need in one place.

Interoperability and integration of the two systems was quick and easy, due to IMT's web-based application and PEPID's web services technology. IMT also is leveraging PEPID's expertise in mobile technology to create a format specifically for mobile devices, allowing healthcare professionals to carry these resources with them wherever they go.

Shehla Ihsan, CEO of IMT, adds, "Intermedical Technologies is enthusiastic about the collaboration with PEPID. We believe that this partnership represents an exciting opportunity to harness e-health connectivity so that it enhances healthcare delivery across the globe."



PEPID utilizes mobile and online technology to deliver clinical decision support resources specific for healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses, EMTs and students.

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