PEPID® CEO Attends the United Nations’ World Autism Awareness Day

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PEPID® CEO Attends the United Nations’
World Autism Awareness Day
Event emphasized the need for further research and treatment worldwide as an increasing number of children with autism approach adulthood.

Evanston, IL — April 21, 2010 — Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, emergency physician and PEPID founder and CEO, participated in the prestigious opening event for the second-annual World Autism Awareness Day at the United Nations Headquarters in New York City on April 1st.

Rosenbloom’s own Unicorn Children’s Foundation was honored as an international organization dedicated to autism research and education. Rosenbloom founded the organization in 1995 in part because he has a son with autism. The event was attended by U.N. ambassadors, their representatives and autism experts. It was hosted by the Israel mission and the Israeli Society for Autistic Children (ALUT).

The awareness day emphasized the urgent need for international efforts to identify and combat autism disorders, as well as organizations such as ALUT and the Unicorn Children's Foundation to disseminate information and "best practices" in autism research and treatment worldwide.

Speeches by the Israeli Ambassador to the United Nations, Professor Gabriela Shalev and the Chief of the Department of Public Information at the United Nations, Juan Carlos Brandt, highlighted the alarming increase in the prevalence of autism. Today, one out of every 91 births is an autistic child. In addition, less severe “autism-spectrum” communication and learning disorders affect one out of every eight children.

The awareness day also featured a world premiere showing of Mabul, a full-length feature film that demonstrates the complex family and community challenges when a teenager with severe autism unexpectedly returns home. The audience responded emotionally to this brilliant movie, which dealt with real autism issues, and touched on an emerging new potential social crisis: What happens when the millions of children currently diagnosed with autism reach adulthood?

The Unicorn Children's Foundation recognizes this potential crisis and is collaborating with ALUT to bring its most successful practices to North America. See the website for more information (

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About the Unicorn Children Foundation
The Unicorn Children Foundation (UCF) is an international non-profit organization dedicated to education, awareness, and research on behalf of children and adults with severe learning and communication disorders such as autism.

UCF was founded in 1995 by Dr Mark Rosenbloom, an emergency physician, whose son was misdiagnosed and inappropriately treated by a variety of physicians who specialized in autism. Out of his pain and frustration and a wish to provide hope for all families with children who suffer from a severe communication or learning disorder, the Unicorn Children's Foundation was born.

Since 1995, the UCF has raised more than $10 million and has launched the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning Disorders, created a new peer-reviewed journal, developed and disseminated worldwide, ground-breaking and extensive evaluation and treatment guidelines. It has also launched a yearly scientific conference, created the first fully-endowed chair in Communications and Learning Disorders at a major university (Nova Southeastern University) and sponsored a unique Mobile Autism Clinic that helps diagnose severe learning and communications disorders in poor and underserved counties.