Untitled Document PEPID Enhances Drug Data with Pediatric and Adult Dose Ranges

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PEPID Enhances Drug Data with Pediatric and Adult Dose Ranges
The addition of dosing ranges helps alert EMRs, increases accuracy

Phoenix, AZ — March 27, 2012 — PEPID, the leading provider of developer drug data and clinical decision support information and technology for healthcare systems and professionals, today announced the addition of pediatric and adult maximum dosing ranges to the PEPID Knowledge Base.

“This addition helps to maintain our presence in providing the most robust, comprehensive clinical decision support available in the healthcare market today, while meeting the critical objective of meaningful use,” says John Wagner, PEPID president.

In addition to providing usual ranges for pediatric and adult daily dosing, this new module will allow electronic medical record or pharmacy information systems to give users a warning if dosing is lower or higher than maximum dosing ranges. Dosing ranges are based on weight and age when required, and parameters also include loading, initial and maintenance doses, as well as the frequency and duration of drug activity. Separate alerts can be set for additional dosing and frequency, and filters for the patient’s age and weight. This new functionality helps to meet the requirements for meaningful use reimbursements.

“Hospitals can easily incorporate this information into their systems to quickly create customized alerts,” says Edward Reynolds, PEPID chief technology officer. “Our integration tools help reduce development time, so electronic medical record and hospital systems can release this critical functionality quickly.”

Any hospital or electronic medical record (EMR) can use the PEPID integration tools to quickly and easily receive critical drug information monographs, dosing, calculators, drug interaction, drug-allergy, duplicate therapy information and the new pediatric and adult maximum dosing ranges.

PEPID’s reputable clinical and pharmacological content is designed to support clinicians through better-informed patient care, and this latest module adds to the robust content and tools available, and fulfills meaningful use criteria in electronic medical records (EMR) systems.

Jenna Reynolds
Director of Marketing



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