PEPID, LLC, the premier developer of handheld decision support tools for the medical community, was profiled on CNET Radio's Morning Show. Anchor Brian Cooley conducted the interview discussing PEPID's role in medicine along with its technical features.

"Given the vast amount of critical, ever-changing information pertaining to patient care and the fact that no physician could possibly know everything, the emergence and potential utility of PDAs and PDA-based medical reference programs can help physicians with this 'information overload.'"

When asked about what a patient might think when a physician looks something up on a computer or PDA—something they might assume the physician should already know—Dr. Rosenbloom, CEO and Founder of PEPID, LLC, stated, "In a few years patients will wonder and be very concerned if the physician doesn't (use a PDA), because he needs this in order to get the information to make the best decisions about your care."

"Operating on the Palm OS and Pocket PC platforms as well as Windows-based PCs, the database requires 4.5 megabytes of free memory due to its comprehensiveness. The PDA version actually holds the same amount of information as available on the PC."

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