PBS Show "Chicago Tomorrow" cites PEPID as the "most comprehensive medical database around"

WTTW Channel 11, the Midwest's largest PBS affiliate, visited Northwestern Memorial Hospital in Chicago, Illinois to discuss PEPID with Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, founder and CEO of PEPID, LLC, and Dr. James Adams, Editor-in-Chief of PEPID ED and Chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Years ago, doctors were expected to have all the medical information they needed in their heads—as unrealistic an expectation then as it is now! That expectation is made even more difficult today with the rapid advances in modern medicine. How can any health professional be expected to know every disease, every treatment, every drug?

"One Chicago doctor devised a solution that helps save lives by reducing medical errors," said Elizabeth Brockett of Chicago Tomorrow. PEPID—that solution—started as notes in a resident's pocket. From that it has grown to "the most comprehensive medical database around as well as a complete pharmacological resource covering...over 1400 drugs."

"But don't doctors learn everything they need to know in medical school?" asked Ms. Brockett. "Yes," replied Dr. Rosenbloom, "but what we learn most is to make good decisions. And with the massive amount of information that's out there for a doctor to know, we need a resource like this to help us make these good decisions." Dr. Adams added: "This device is not only a good reference tool, but also allows the doctor to stay at the patient's bedside and save time in the decision making process."