Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, PEPID founder, was the Keynote Speaker at the Ohio State University PDA Healthcare Conference. The speech highlighted how to provide better care to patients with fewer errors while working faster and more efficiently. Dr. Rosenbloom shared his experiences with PDA software, provided a template for software evaluation, and discussed some of the software currently available.

Dr. Rosenbloom told attendees "we are all most effective as decision-makers relying not on memory but on quickly accessible information sources. The best ones readily accessible at the point of care. Physicians and other medical professionals cannot possibly know everything about everything and can no longer be knowledge repositories. Dr. Rosenbloom acknowledged a paradigm shift developing in medicine away from an individual approach to a system and team approach, in which PDAs will play a significant role as part of the system.

PEPID, a portable medical information database is designed to assist in the reduction of medical errors and improve patient outcomes. It provides healthcare professionals access to current pharmacological and clinical information at the point-of-care via personal data assistants (PDAs). PEPID was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician at Northwestern University School of Medicine. PEPID covers medical and trauma topics as well as drug topics typically encountered in emergency and primary care settings.

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