The Evanston Review, an Evanston, Illinois-based newspaper of Pioneer Press, Inc., cited "exploding popularity" in their review of PEPID. Having grown from a simple idea, emergency room physician Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, CEO and founder of PEPID, LLC, seized the opportunity to combine medicine with the latest technology to develop a complete medical and drug reference that helps medical professionals provide fast, effective care.

"My goal is to give my colleagues a tool that could help them reference anything under the sun in five seconds, read it, diagnose, and treat a patient in 15 seconds," said Dr. Rosenbloom. "I'm confident we've achieved that with PEPID."

But PEPID is not just a static database like a textbook. As new medications are approved, medicines are withdrawn, or new procedures put in place, PEPID regularly updates its database and allows subscribers free updates during their subscription period.

"A perfect example is when the whole bioterrorism thing became important late last year," said Dr. Susan O'Brien, an emergency physician in Bothell, Washington. "You just popped in the new information that you got from the update and you were ready to go." O'Brien praised PEPID, which she calls a handy "second brain" that she uses all the time.

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