June 28, 2002PEPID, the premier developer of handheld decision support tools for the medical community, was featured in the Medical Watch segment of the WGN News at Nine. According to Dina Bair, Medical Watch anchor for WGN, "Doctors say it's like having an extra brain with them. When memory fails the device kicks in, offering immediate information about illnesses, symptoms, diagnoses and treatment, and potentially deadly drug interactions."

Dr. Jim Adams, Chief of the Division of Emergency Medicine at Northwestern Memorial Hospital, says, "The emergency department can see anything and anybody at anytime. The entire universe of information is demanded of us and so having this peripheral brain that is an easy-to-access, rapid reference source with us at all times is an incredible benefit."

PEPID is "a technological advance that's helping bridge the explosion of new technology in the medical field with the demands for patient safety-but the computer comes with a personal touch."

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