Dr. John H. Van de Leuv, MD, Southampton Memorial Hospital, Franklin, Virginia, reviewed PEPID for the Journal of the American Medical Association. Excerpts from his review:

"PEPID as it is presented now is a powerful medical reference tool. It was designed for the use of emergency physicians, primary care specialists, residents, and interns. It might be summed up as the fastest, easiest-to-use database available at this time."

"Although specifically aimed at the emergency physician, PEPID is eminently useful for all practicing physicia"ns. All the program needs is a computer: PC, Macintosh, laptop, or handheld unit," said Dr. Van de Leuv.

"It is amazing how easy PEPID is to load," he continued. "When the program is opened using the PEPID icon, a startup screen shows the sections of PEPID: a table of contents and an alphabetical index. Thus, it is possible to access section contents two ways."

"Through the ‘Alphabetical Index’ (‘Index’ on the table of contents screen), any disease entity, drug, and specialty can be found by highlighting first, second, and third letters of the desired topic. For each drug, there is a description that gives dose, indications, contraindications, adverse reactions, and pregnancy category. For many there also is a kinetic listing and overdose management. Disease descriptions feature diagnosis, pathophysiology, treatment, and disposition."

"In the opinion of this reviewer, PEPID is an extremely useful and rapid source of information, which in most instances makes using a textbook unnecessary. It is far easier to use and faster than other existing programs. Because of its speed, it is highly recommended for any emergency department that has a computer. Physicians in training will find the program useful, and private practitioners could benefit from having PEPID in their offices."

"PEPID is sufficiently thorough for a quick reference, and, as mentioned, its best feature is ease of use. To verify the usefulness of PEPID, this reviewer sampled most, if not all, parts of the program. A few specific samples are hereby supplied, each of which was instantly obtained."

"The discussion on b-blockers divided the drugs by pharmacologic activity--i.e., those with and without intrinsic sympathomimetic activity, combined a and b activity, and combined b and potassium blockade. For each drug, as in the rest of PEPID, the program gives the dosing, necessary dilution for intravenous infusion, infusion rate, incompatibility, contraindications, kinetics, mechanism of action, and pregnancy rating. For information about overdoses, the user is referred to the toxicology chapter."

"Since the emergency physician is often faced with making decisions about medicating pregnant patients, the section on drugs in pregnancy provides an instant overview of acceptable and unacceptable medication for such patients. Again, this reviewer was impressed by the speed of access to the desired information."

Dr. Van de Leuv concluded his review by saying, "PEPID is highly recommended for use in the emergency department."

This review is no longer available online