(Chicago, Illinois - July 2004) – For generations, most reference material for Canadian physicians has been produced for United States audiences—with doctors and other medical professionals north of the border having to make do with material prepared specifically for others.

Canadian physicians now have access to PEPID™—the leading medical reference software designed for use on the Palm, Pocket PC, and other handheld computer medical-reference software intended for Canadian drugs, practice, trade-names, and measurements. PEPID and the Canadian Medical Association have joined forces to provide CMA members and others with this constantly updating software that is essential for today’s family and specialty practice.

There are more than 61,000 practicing physicians and 6,500 medical students in Canada. Every day they must deal with a cross-border “language” barrier that includes not just drug names but also non-SI (International System of Units/metric) references. There are between 200 to 300 unique drug names in Canada, not to mention the drugs that are approved for use in Canada, but not in the United States.

PEPID will be made available to all the members of the CMA, either directly through PEPID ( or the CMA website (

At a time when news headlines in the United States report increasing numbers of medical mistakes, especially dosing errors, it is all the more important that Canadian physicians have at their fingertips information specific to Canadian practice. Canadian drug trade-names often differ from those in the U.S. and many medicines approved for use in Canada have yet to be approved in the United States. The PEPID suite of products for medical professionals provides easy conversions between U.S. units and SI units, eliminating the need for paper and pencil—and the risk of error.

The PEPID professional suite of medical reference software, designed for use on hand-held computers on the Palm™, Pocket PC™, and similar platforms, puts a wealth of information right in the hands of all medical professionals. It gives them immediate access to all the clinical information they require to diagnose and treat. Whether displayed on the hand-held or on a desktop computer, the PEPID Professional Software Suites take the place of scores of textbooks, is up-to-date on the latest clinical and drug references available, and can instantly perform functions and calculations with complete accuracy that otherwise would take time and effort.

PEPID was founded by native Montrealer, Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a graduate of McGill University and now a board-certified emergency physician and Assistant Professor of Medicine at the Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University. What began as an expansion of Dr. Rosenbloom's hand-written, clinical reference notes soon transformed into a product created by a team of 35 physicians. Dr. Rosenbloom developed the first version of PEPID (now called PEPID ED) in 1994. Emergency departments and the military field-tested the product for more than four years, and PEPID products now reflect ten years of ongoing research and development by more than 140 health care professionals. PEPID seeks to provide those in medicine with instantly accessible, current, and accurate clinical reference materials to help them provide faster, sounder healthcare, and the best patient outcomes.

PEPID has been adopted for use by staff and students in the library at the University of Alberta in Edmonton, Alberta. The McGill University Medical School has given a PDA loaded with PEPID MSC (Medical Student Companion) to every medical student upon starting his or her clinical rotations. In the United States, it has also been adopted by many institutions including the Harvard Medical School and Caregroup.

The Canadian Medical Association represents thousands of physicians and other medical professionals across Canada, and advocates the promotion of health and disease prevention policies and strategies, access to quality health care, guidance and continuing education for its physician members.

The PEPID suite of products is available by calling 1-888-321-STAT (7828) or can be downloaded from ###

Evaluation copies of the PEPID suite of products are available upon request. Interviews with PEPID Founder Dr. Mark Rosenbloom may be scheduled by calling PEPID Public Relations/Terry Raskyn: 212-677-6498;