(Chicago, Illinois - March 2004) – Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, Founder and CEO of PEPID, the leader in portable point-of-care healthcare information, is featured in the March issue of Health IT World. PEPID, the premier publisher of integrated medical databases for use on the PDA, provides medical software suites for most healthcare practitioners.

Entitled “Dr. Software,” the feature article recounts the efforts of Dr. Rosenbloom as he conceived of and began to develop the PDA-based PEPID medical software. Working at first as a hobby, Dr. Rosenbloom developed PEPID as a database software to help himself while practicing medicine. His pockets filled with notecards, drug cards, and medical reference material, Dr. Rosenbloom decided to create software that combines all these essential items into one pocket-sized device. Now several years later, PEPID has emerged as the “gold-standard” in point-of-care referencing and services more than 8,000 medical professionals.

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PEPID, a portable medical information database is designed to assist in the reduction of medical errors and improve patient outcomes. It provides healthcare professionals access to current pharmacological and clinical information at the point-of-care via personal data assistants (PDAs). PEPID was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician at Northwestern University School of Medicine. PEPID covers medical and trauma topics as well as drug topics typically encountered in emergency and primary care settings.

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