ORLANDO, Feb. 21, 2004 -- The Society for Health System Management Engineering Forum, sponsored by the Society for Health Systems (SHS), an organization dedicated to improving healthcare systems and services, featured PEPID founder and CEO, Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, at this year’s conference where the overriding theme was “How to efficiently improve the quality of healthcare.”

He presented convincing arguments that the adoption of integrated, authoritative, up-to-date medical and drug information available at the point of care will significantly improve the delivery of medical care and decrease the incidence of medical error.

Dr. Rosenbloom has written and spoken extensively on this subject and is a recognized leader in the improvement of medical care and reduction of medical error by utilization of comprehensive point-of-care medical and drug references.

Each year the SHS conference precedes the Health Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS) conference, the largest conference of its type in the world. It draws almost 20,000 professionals who attend over 200 pre-conference educational sessions and workshops, and explore the latest technologies in more than 700 exhibits. The two organizations collaborate on other forums and publications as well.