ORLANDO, Mar. 04, 2004 – Each year the annual ED Benchmarks conference sets out to find real world solutions to common ED problems and 2004 was no exception. Dr. Richard Bois, Editor-in-Chief at PEPID, the leading developer of fully-integrated, point-of-care medical reference software, expounded on this year’s theme of “Creating the Efficient ED” by presenting PEPID as a more efficient means of providing patient care.

PEPID offers healthcare professionals access to current pharmacological and clinical information at the point-of-care by means of a handheld device or PDA (Personal Digital Assistant). Dr. Bois explained the effect of point-of-care technology on reducing the chances of medical error.

Reiterating the main point of the lecture, he said “Every second counts in the ED, and when decisions are instantly confirmed by an authoritative, up-to-date source, time is saved and care is improved… that savings in time and improved care can translate into many efficiencies, not the least of which could be a savings in patient lives.”

PEPID, was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician at Northwestern University School of Medicine. PEPID covers medical and trauma topics as well as drug topics typically encountered in emergency and primary care settings.

ED Benchmarks is one of six industry leading annual conferences sponsored by The Florida Emergency Medicine Foundation, (FEMF), a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting and advancing emergency medicine, disaster management, prehospital emergency care, and public health by providing annual continuing medical education conferences and research activities.

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