SKOKIE, IL, Jan. 14, 2005 - The use of PDAs in the medical field continues to grow by leaps and bounds and is rapidly filtering down to medical and nursing schools. PEPID, LLC, the leading provider of integrated medical reference software, announced today the recent adoptions of its RN software products by major nursing schools throughout the United States, including Duke, National, Regis, and Villanova Universities.

Use of handheld devices in the healthcare workplace is quickly becoming the direction of the future. A survey conducted by Manhattan Research in 2002 found 35% of practicing physicians using PDAs. The nursing community is not far behind, with an estimated 10% of nurses using PDAs today, up sharply from just two years ago, when PDA usage by nurses was estimated at only 1%. (Statistics drawn from a global network of PDA sites.)

As the information-intensive healthcare industry continues to grow, today’s student nurses are faced with processing an inordinate amount of information from an excessive number of resources, while striving to remain focused on delivering quality patient care.

“By providing student nurses with easy access to all the clinical information a nurse requires, the RN reference software creates excellent efficiencies in time and information management,” says John Wagner, President of PEPID, “in less than one minute they can check IV drug drip rates, IV drug incompatibilities, drug dosing and interactions without ever leaving the patient’s bedside.”

Ann White, RN, MSN and Assistant Clinical Professor from Duke University School of Nursing, summed up the program: “Students using handhelds in our nursing programs benefit in two ways, first, they gain instant access to a tremendous amount of clinical information all from one small mobile device, and second, the students gain technical skills inherent in the devices, which they can draw from throughout their careers.”

Further evidence of the adoption of handheld computing in nursing is now being seen in a number of American schools of nursing, where PDAs are a requirement in both undergraduate and graduate programs.


PEPID, LLC was founded in 1994 by Dr. Mark Rosenbloom, a board-certified emergency physician and faculty member at Northwestern University’s Feinberg School of Medicine in Chicago, Illinois. PEPID’s medical reference software is designed to assist in the reduction of medical errors and result in improved patient outcomes. Suites designed for physicians, nurses, students, paramedics and pharmacists provide access to current pharmacological and clinical information at the point-of-care via handheld computers and the Internet. More information about PEPID products, can be found at

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